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Know the specialty of the Patriot missile system, which increased Putin’s tension in Ukraine 

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on America giving Patriot missile batteries as military aid to Ukraine. He said that he is 100 percent sure that his army will destroy the best air security system of the Pentagon. Putin said this during an interview on Russian television.

Let us tell you that just before the US tour of Ukrainian President Zelensky, the US had announced a new military aid package of $ 1.8 billion, which included Patriot missiles for the first time. The Patriot missile system has long served as a shield for the United States and its allies against incoming missiles in disputed areas around the world. (Photos/Ovidiu Micsik/via REUTERS)

The Patriot missile protects Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific from potential attacks from Iran, Somalia, and North Korea. However, experts warn that the impact of the system is not much and this missile may not be a game changer in the war. (Inquam Photos/Ovidiu Micsik/via REUTERS)

The Associated Press reported in a report that the Patriot is a surface-to-air guided missile system that was first deployed in the 1980s and is capable of destroying aircraft, cruise missiles, and short-range ballistic missiles. (Reuters)

Each Patriot battery is composed of a truck-mounted launching system consisting of eight launchers, each capable of carrying four missile interceptors, a ground radar, a control station, and a generator. According to the army, there are currently 16 Patriot battalions. (Photo-Twitter)

The report states that Ukraine faces a variety of Russian threats and that the Patriot is effective against some but less effective against others. A former senior military official familiar with the Patriot system told The Associated Press that it would be effective against short-range ballistic missiles.



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