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Didn’t even let me pick my stuff’: Ramiz Raja slams PCB for shocking treatment 

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Shorts-After getting sacked from his role as PCB chief, Ramiz Raja opened up on the shocking exit, revealing that he was not allowed to collect his stuff.

New Delhi –After England prevailed 3-0 against Pakistan in the recently concluded Test series Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ramiz Raja was sacked, and Najam Sethi was instilled in his place. The move by the Pakistan government also saw a 14-member committee being appointed to run the PCB for the coming months. 

Raja meanwhile returned back to his YouTube channel and has made some serious allegations against the PCB, revealing the shocking manner of his ouster. 
Raja, the player-turned-commentator revealed that he was not even allowed to collect his stuff from the office, and also launched a subtle dig at his successor. 
“The way they attacked the cricket board. They didn’t even let me take my stuff. Early morning at 9 around 17 guys stormed at the office, which felt as if the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan has raided the office,” said the former PCB chief while talking to his fans on YouTube. 
“They are least interested in cricket. The cricket board puts them in a powerful position, and all they want is people to keep bowing in front of them,” he added. 
He further slammed the behavior of Najam Sethi, the new chief, taking a sly dig at the latter. 

“This Najam Sethi is tweeting 2:15am at night that Ramiz Raja has been sacked, start congratulating me. I have played Test cricket, this is my field, and it hurts to see these people from outside cricket trying to act like a Messiah. I know that their motives are non-cricketing. These people are here for the limelight,” Raja stated. 
While his tenure as PCB chief lasted just 15 months, it was an eventful time as international cricket returned back to Pakistan, and they also made waves in white-ball cricket reaching the final of the Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, and also reached the semifinal of the World Cup last year, reported by Just News.



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