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Who was Pavel Antonov and how different was he from the Russian businessmen who died this year? 

The death of Russian businessman Pavel Antov in India has once again brought the death of Russian businessmen under suspicious circumstances into the limelight. The death of businessmen in Russia has been in the eyes of the world since the Russia-Ukraine war. Apart from being a big business tycoon, Antonov was also a big politician and civil servant in Russia and was different in many respects compared to other businessmen who died this year.

Pavel Antov is the sixth Russian businessman to die outside Russia this year (file photo)

  • Pavel Antonov recently died during his visit to India.
  • He was famous as Russia’s saucer business tycoon.
  • He was also known as a very rich politician and public servant.

The process of Russian businessmen is not taking the name of stopping. Recently, Russian businessman Pavel Antonov, who came to India as a tourist from Russia, died in a hotel in Raigad, Odisha. He was the second Russian businessman to die on December 24, the fourth to die in the same month. A total of 21 Russian businessmen have died abnormally since the end of January this year, whose detailed information about the circumstances of their death has not been found. Pavel Antonov had a different position in comparison to all these businessmen.

Only six outside Russia
It was the first death of a Russian businessman after the Russo-Ukrainian war. Out of the total of 21 deaths since then, six Russian businessmen have died outside Russia and Antonov is the only one who has died in India. While many experts see all these murders as a conspiracy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is also surprising that one of these deaths has happened in America, which has not been able to get much information.
Who was Pavel above
Pavel Antonov was a well-known name in Russia. He was a wealthy businessman from the city of Vladimir, east of Moscow, whose Vladimir Standard meat processing plant is the one he founded. In 2019, Forbes estimated his wealth at $140 million and he was one of Russia’s richest politicians and public servants.
How many deaths when
Leonie Sulman was the first to die after the Russo-Ukraine war, he was the director of a company named Transport of Gazprom. His body was found on 30 January 2022 in the bathroom of his house in Leningrad Oblast and a suicide note was found near his body. After this, there have been three deaths in February, one in March, two in April, two in May, one in July, five in September, one in November, and four in December.
This year, a total of 21 businessmen who were very rich were killed under suspicious circumstances in Russia. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Way to die
Among these deaths, Antonov was the only one who died in India and he too was found dead only two days after the death of his partner. After the death of a partner, no businessman had ever died like this before. At the same time, the immediate cause of Antonov’s death was found to be a fall from the hotel window. In the primary investigation, it is considered suicide. Yes. This was the fourth case of death by falling from a height.
Antonov was very different
As far as business is concerned, Antonov was the only one concerned with the sausage industry. But he was definitely rich like other businessmen. He was only one of the two diplomats. Most of the remaining businessmen were businessmen related to energy or oil companies. He was the editor of a Russian tabloid. Two were related to aviation and the rest to other businesses.

Most of the businessmen among those who died have been described as critical of the Russia-Ukraine War. Huh. (Representational photo: Shutterstock)

We’re not critical of Russia
Many of the people killed this year were said to be opposed to the Russia-Ukraine war or President Vladimir Putin. But experts do not consider it completely correct. It is true that some of those who died had objected to the Russo-Ukraine war, but neither were they the only ones to say so nor were all those who died like them. Antonov also refused to criticize Russia’s Ukraine war last summer.
But before this, messages criticizing the Russian attack were also seen on his WhatsApp account, after which he denied this criticism. But many experts still believe that Antonov is one of those people who have been ‘silenced’ for opposing the Russia-Ukraine war. Suspicious deaths and the non-revealing of their detailed information are adding fuel to this




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