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These 8 questions will help you to resolve many relationship problems before the new year begins.  

If you too have a lot of expectations from the new year regarding the ups and downs of the relationship, then it would be better to ask yourself some questions and find answers instead of expectations. These answers will make you positive for the next year and you will be able to plan your life without complications. 

Before starting the year, do ask yourself some important questions. Image: Canva

  • Did you learn something new about yourself and your relationship in the past year?
  • Do you have a specific relationship pattern for the next year?

End Of Year Self Check-In Regarding Relationship: The new year is about to come and everyone is sitting with many expectations for the next year. Some are imagining their beautiful future, while many are promising themselves to end the hustle and bustle of their life and start a new life. Some are waiting for the new year by making some better plans for their family, while some want to get out of the entanglements of their broken relationships. If you too have high expectations from the new year regarding the ups and downs of the relationship, then instead of high expectations, it is important that you ask yourself some important questions before the year starts. These questions will work to remove many of your confusions, and you will be able to move in a better way and try to enhance the beauty between relationships. 

Questions to ask yourself before the start of the year
Well-known psychotherapist Lucille Shackleton has given information on her Instagram account about some self-check-in questions that we can ask ourselves before the end of the year.

You ask yourself this question, what new things do you learn about yourself and your relationship in the year that is leaving behind?
  1. – Ask yourself what kind of relationship do you have with yourself? How would you describe this relationship in words?
  2. – Do you have any particular relationship patterns that you want to try in the coming year?
  3. – What was your most enjoyable moment in the past year? What do these moments mean in your relationship?
  4. – What kind of things do you like to talk to yourself about? Are these things negative self-talk or do you believe in positive self-talk? 
  5. – What kind of connection do you want to make in the next year with the people around you or yourself?
  6. – Which relationship had the most positive impact on you this year?
  7. – What are your goals for the next year and what are the steps you will take to reach that goals.



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