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What can you do to survive a nuclear attack? This question is answered by people. 

There are reports every day that Russia can launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine at anytime. Countries around the world are worried about this. On the other hand, the Chinese army also disputed the two atomic power India-China border. In such a situation, a user’s question on Quora has forced us to think that if there is a nuclear attack then how can it be saved? 

How to survive a nuclear attack? A user has asked people a question on Quora. (Photo-Canva)

In many countries around the world, the situation of confrontation keeps on happening, in these countries capable of a nuclear attack are also included. On the one hand, Russia-Ukraine War has been raging between Russia and Ukraine for months, while on the other hand, China also keeps on doing some activities on the Indian border (India-China Conflict). From Iraq to North Korea, they keep threatening war every day. Think what will happen if there is a nuclear attack on any country in such a situation? To get information about this question, a user has asked people on Quora. Many people gave their opinion in response to this question. 

Out of these, a user named Rajnish Kumar pandey has said in his comment that the only way to avoid a nuclear attack is that such an attack should not happen at all. At the same time, another user KK Sharma has advised that radiation can be avoided only by going underground. A user named Sajal Rai has written that if there is a nuclear attack in the future, it is almost impossible to save lives. However, Shubham Aditya, who describes himself as a science student, has explained this in detail in his comment. Shubham writes, ‘If there is a nuclear attack in the country then it is difficult for the people to survive. No shelter has been made for the people in the country so that a nuclear attack can be avoided. In such a situation, if you are even 5 km away from the nuclear attack area, you will be completely burnt, while being at a distance of 30 km, you will come in contact with radiation. However, a person with a distance of 30 KM will have time to run away from the radiation area. 

Shubham writes in his comment that shelters have been built in Finland to avoid the nuclear attack. Therefore, if you take the citizenship of that place then you will be saved from nuclear attack. But even during this time, you will have to keep all the essential things like food, medicine, drinking water, clothes, etc. Because once there is a nuclear attack, you will not be able to get out for a week. The most effective in nuclear attack is due to gamma-rays and which pass through the walls. In such a situation, it depends on the shelter how much radiation it can stop. 

A nuclear attack happened on Hiroshima-Nagasaki
For the first and last time in the history of the world, atomic bombs were used during the Second World War, when America had a nuclear attack on two cities of Japan, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945. Both cities were completely destroyed in this attack. More than one and a half lakh people died and the remaining people became victims of disability. For years people were affected by this attack and children were also born handicapped. However, now both these cities have become populated again.



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