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Shahrukh Khan had a dream of Suhana. It will soon be realized. A diary was written just for their daughter.

An old video of Shah Rukh Khan has surfaced on social media, in which he is narrating his dream about his daughter Suhana Khan. He also mentioned writing a book for his daughter, so that she respects him and does the work that he wants to teach her through the book. 

Suhana Khan is going to debut in Bollywood. (Photo Credits: Instagram@iamsrk)

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan is a cool father. He often expresses his love for his daughter Suhana Khan. He has been writing a diary since 2014. Suhana had shown a glimpse of her entry book on social media some time ago and called it her inspiration. A few hours later, a video of an old interview started going viral on social media, in which Shah Rukh Khan is seen discussing acting and their daughter. 

The video is of Shahrukh’s guest appearance in Anupam Kher’s show. In the show, he talked about writing a special book for Suhana Khan. He had said, ‘I really want my daughter to become an actress. No one will listen to me now, my daughter is young, so she can respectfully read the book I am writing for her. Whenever something comes to my heart regarding acting, I write about it.

@JacyKhan my babies pic.twitter.com/cB6FbMiLHg

— Jacy Rukh Khan Videos (@Shah_Ki_Biwi) December 20, 2022

Shahrukh wants Suhana to become an actress
Anupam Kher asked Shahrukh whether the book is only for Suhana. King Khan says, ‘Yes, only for him.’ He insists, ‘I am writing my personal experiences in 3-4 lines. I want to write this for him because I need someone to tell me how I work. When I try to talk to my co-stars about this, they avoid the conversation. That’s why I want my daughter to read that book and learn from it. 

Shahrukh made a cute comment on the post
According to the pictures shared by Suhana, it is written on the first page of the book, ‘This journal is of Suhana Khan, Papa. While sharing the pictures, Suhana described it as inspiration in the caption. Shahrukh commented, ‘Everything I don’t know about acting, I give it to you to learn and teach me back.’



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