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Hindu Dharma: What is the story of Tirupati Balaji being the most prosperous god .. Learn interesting facts

Once Lakshmi Ji got angry with Sri Hari Vishnu, Vishnu became Sriless, a Brahmin devotee who needed money. Still, Vishnu was Sri i.e. Lakshmiless, due to which there was no other solution, God came to earth and borrowed cash from Seth. The honor of the devotee was saved, God is only a devotee.

The story of Tirupati Balaji being the richest God Image-Canva

⏩ Once Lakshmi Ji got angry with Sri Hari Vishnu, due to which Vishnu became Series.
⏩ A Brahmin devotee wanted money
⏩ God came to earth and borrowed from a Seth
As we all know that the temple of Tirupati Balaji located in the hills of Tirumala is the richest temple in the world, or you can say that Tirupati Balaji is the richest God. Every day about 50 thousand to 1 lakh devotees get benefitted from waiting in long queues to have darshan of their lord, but have you thought or do you know why Tirupati Balaji is paid so much? ..? Although many stories are prevalent behind this mystery, we tell you about the most popular mythology.

Once upon a time, Mata Lakshmi, being very angry with Sri Hari Vishnu for some reason, had come to earth after leaving both Vaikunth and Lord Vishnu. At first, God tried a lot to persuade her, but when she did not agree, even God stubbornly went to heaven.

A true devotee wanted money,
After some time, a true Brahmin devotee of Sri Hari came crying to him and told God that he needed some money because he was falsely accused of theft, but now he will have to pay all the money because all the evidence is against him. He was a very poor Brahmin, he was able to survive with great difficulty, so he told Sri Hari that if he failed to give the money today, he would commit self-immolation. Our Shri Hari is called Bhaktavatsal Bhagwan, so how could he have allowed his devotee to be harmed.
But God was headless,
But only then God remembered that he is headless, that is, Lakshmi Ji is angry and had gone away from him, thinking that from where will he get the money, God became worried, but now something had to be done to save the life of the devotee. So he came down to earth.
When God borrowed from Seth,
Coming down, the Lord assumed the form of a merchant and took a loan from a Seth of Tirumala, and gave the money to his devotee. The devotee got rid of the blame on him for giving that money, but God got buried under the debt of that Seth. Then God started living in the hills of Tirumala and promised Seth that God will not go from there without paying his money, so it is believed that devotees offer offerings to God to repay the debt of that Seth so that he can return to his Lord soon. Can repay the loan quickly and it is believed that the day all the money taken from Seth will be defaulted, God will go back to his heaven…



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