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Why is the Putin government giving the facility of sperm freezing to Russian soldiers? 

Due to the Russia-Ukraine War, the Russian government made the facility of the Sperm Freeze free for the soldiers there. The Putin government has taken this decision keeping in mind the demands of the people there. This decision is being seen in connection with the war with Ukraine. A few months ago, Russia decided to deploy a large number of Russian soldiers to the war. 

This free service of Putin’s government for Russian soldiers is surprising. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

  • In the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia had decided to increase the number of troops deployed on the front.
  • In view of this, many Russian men have started sending their sperm to the clinic.
  • The Putin government has also made the facility of freezing sperm free for soldiers.

It has been 10 months since the Russia-Ukraine War started. Even now neither the chances of ending this war nor the efforts are visible. Yes, news of attacks from both sides is definitely coming. The number of soldiers killed in the war that has been going on for so long is also scattered. A total of one lakh soldiers and 40 thousand common people are included in injured from both sides in the war. Yet new strategic activities from both sides, especially US aid to Ukraine, are much talked about. There has been talk of Russia also throwing a large number of soldiers into the war. Now Russia is also giving its soldiers the facility to freeze sperm for free.

Lots of money is being thrown
Recently, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky visited America and has also received a huge amount of help from them, to which Russia had expressed strong objection. According to the BBC report, America has so far approved more than $67 billion in this war. It is expected to be $ 45 billion in the year 2023. Everyone is watching what Russia is doing in response to this.
Troop deployment and sperm freeze
Russia also does not want to leave any stone unturned toward winning this war. Russia decided to deploy about three lakh soldiers in the war shortly before. After this, there were reports of many people running away from Russia, but Russian men themselves are going to the clinic to freeze their sperm. Now the Putin government has made this facility free for Russian soldiers. 
Insurance rules only change
The Russian government has decided to make the facility of sperm-freezing-free by changing the rules of medical insurance. According to the Russian news agency Tass, Igor Trunov, the head of the Russian Lawyers Union, has told that the Health Department has accepted his appeal related to the change in free cryobank and necessary medical insurance.

There has been a spurt in efforts to freeze sperm in Russia for a few months. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Then what is the reason?
In fact, this is happening more and more since the men in Russian couples have been ordered to go into the army and Russian women also want their husbands to preserve their sperm before they go to war so that if their husbands get killed in the war If it is done then there should be no problem in giving birth to a child. That’s why Trunov announced on Twitter that his union had filed a petition on behalf of several couples in whom the husband has been ordered to take part in a special military operation. 
Efforts to freeze sperm have increased
Detailed information about this has not been received from the Russian government yet. Russia’s Health Department has also not said anything about Trunov’s statement. At the same time, according to Trunov, his union is trying to get more information in this regard. Since the order of mobilization of soldiers, the incidents of freezing the sperm of men have increased. 

The Russia-Ukraine War is not likely to end soon but is likely to be prolonged. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Can also be a challenge
It is not easy to freeze sperm in Russia. There are very few clinics related to this. In such a situation, the increase in the demand to freeze sperm in large numbers and on that the Russian government making this facility free for the soldiers can pose a challenge. It is not yet clear how the Russian government will deal with them. 
It is clear that the war with Ukraine has a big impact on all this. But there is no ray of hope towards the end of the war, but people seem to accept its long run in Russia. The way attacks are coming from both sides and Russia is showing no hurry to occupy Ukraine, shows that the intention is to prolong the war.



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