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Powerful Winter Storm Elliott Sweeps US Ahead Of Christmas, Several Flights Cancelled — Top Developments 

A powerful Arctic winter storm named Elliott has gripped a vast expanse of the United States, disrupting the Christmas holiday plans of millions. The US National Weather Service (NWS) on Thursday warned of “dangerous cold” for much of the country and said it could be the coldest Christmas Days on record. 

As the 335 million population of the country remains under varied weather advisories during the Christmas weekend, let us take a look at the top developments.

Flights Cancelled
According to the news agency Reuters, Over 4,400 flights have been canceled over a two-day period. More than 2,350 US flights had been canceled Thursday and another 2,120 flights for Friday were scrapped, reported the news agency citing flight tracking website FlightAware.  
National Weather Service Alert
The US National Weather Service has sounded alerts of heavy snow, wind, flooding, and ice, stretching from the coast and reaching as far as the US-Mexico border and Florida, the Sunshine State. 
Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, and North Carolina are some of the states that have already implemented emergency plans and others are likely to follow, with the worst of the Arctic blast yet to come, reported by Just News.
Temperatures Plummet
The temperature in Colorado and Wyoming plummeted to -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40C) on Thursday. Montana, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska are the other regions observing biting cold. NSW predicted that the heaviest snow would likely be seen in the Great Lakes, near the US-Canada border, with 2 to 4 feet of snow.
Amtrak Cancels Train Services
Amtrak has also canceled dozens of trains in the Midwest through Christmas, disrupting holiday travel for tens of thousands. Trains between New York and Chicago,  including in Michigan, Illinois, and Missouri have been canceled, Reuters reported.
More than 112 million people are estimated to travel 50 miles (80 kilometers) or more during the holiday season. 



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