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‘Umran is not as fit as Rauf, after 150 KPH the speed becomes 138 ..’ Pakistani veteran’s anger or fear? 

Umran Malik Speed: Indian pacer Umran Malik has impressed everyone with his speed in the last 1 year. Looking at his fast pace balls, it seems that he can break Shoaib Akhtar’s record of throwing the fastest ball. But, the former Pakistan legend doesn’t think so. He has said a big thing about the comparison of Umran with Haris Rauf. 

The former veteran pacer of Pakistan has said a big thing about the comparison of Umran Malik and Haris Rauf. (Instagram)

  • Pakistani veteran has said a big thing about Umran Malik
  • ‘Indian pacer Umran is not as fit as Haris Rauf’

New Delhi. India’s Umran Malik and Pakistan’s Haris Rauf are currently the two stormy fast bowlers in world cricket, who bowl continuously at a speed of 150 kmph. These two fast bowlers are often compared. There is also a debate as to who will break Shoaib Akhtar’s record of bowling the fastest ball. Amidst all these discussions, former Pakistan fast bowler Aaqib Javed has said not to compare Haris and Umran. However, even saying this, he made such a statement for Umran, which makes it seem that he is either irritated with the Indian pacer or is in awe of his pace.

During a conversation with Aaqib Javed, a digital news platform in Pakistan, Events, and Happenings wanted to know the opinion on the debate going on between Umran Malik and Haris Rauf. To this Aaqib replied that it is like comparing Virat Kohli with the rest of the batsmen in the world. Actually, Aaqib tried to describe Pakistan’s pacer Haris Rauf as Kohli.

Umran’s fitness is not like Harris: Aaqib
Aaqib further said, ‘Umran Malik is not as trained and fit as Pakistani pacer Haris Rauf. If you look at Umran in ODIs, he bowls at a speed of around 150 kmph in his first spell. But by the 7th or 8th over, his speed drops to 138 kmph. The difference is the same as between Kohli and the rest of the batsmen. He (Haris) is very disciplined about his diet, training, and his lifestyle. I have not seen a single Pakistani bowler whose diet is like Harris. No one has a lifestyle like his. It is not a big deal for me to bowl at a speed of 160 kmph. But it is more important to bowl at the same speed throughout the match.

Let us tell you that Haris’s fastest ball speed so far has been 159 kmph, which he bowled during the T20 World Cup against England last year. While Umran has bowled the ball at a speed of 157 kmph in IPL. At the same time, in international cricket, he has bowled the ball at a speed of 156 kmph.



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