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21-year-old policewoman trapped in a love triangle, now the investigation is going on for her relationship with drug mafia, know where the case is 

British cop drugs mafia affair: A British policeman has been accused of having an affair with his own chief officer. Not only this but now his relationship with the drug mafia is also being investigated. On social media, she describes herself as a model and keeps posting hot photos. 

A British policewoman who describes herself as a supermodel has been accused of having an affair with her own chief officer.

The relationship between criminals and policemen has always been one of checkmate. For this, the policemen go to any extent. Sometimes they even reach their homes. Friendship is also maintained, but a British policeman was fired because at first, she made sexual relations with her own office while he was married. Later, when she was suspended, she fell in love with the drug mafia.

You will be surprised to know that this policeman is only 21 years old and it was only been a few years since he joined the Yorkshire Police. According to the report of Daily Mail, PC Caitlin Howarth was appointed as a Probationary Officer. But after a few days, she became the favorite of her commanding officer, Daniel Greenwood. There was a close relationship between the two. Even both used to express it openly in the office. When the police officers came to know about this, they suspended both of them and an inquiry was set up.

Caitlin calls herself a supermodel
On the other hand, Caitlin Haworth started calling herself a supermodel. She keeps posting her hot pictures on social media in revealing dresses. Thousands of people like and comment on his pictures daily. Many top officers are also included in these. Caitlin Howarth has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. She does not tell anywhere on social media that she is connected with the police.

Locked in jail, yet made relations
When the officials of Anti Corruption Bureau started the investigation, it came to know that it has close relations with A class drug mafia. He is in jail these days but Caitlin Howarth maintains a close relationship with him. It was also learned from the sources that Caitlin Howarth also gives him all the secret information. At present, the policemen are investigating what kind of information Caitlin Howarth has shared with the drug mafia.

There was a stir in the whole department, on the
another hand, there was a stir in the police department. The chief officers have ordered an inquiry into the entire department. A mail has been sent to everyone that if any such case comes to light anywhere, it should be reported immediately. In Britain, this type of nexus is taken very seriously and strict action is taken. 




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