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Robot vacuum cleaners were available cheaply, the person bought 20 together! The reason for the low price was revealed after using 

A funny incident happened recently with a YouTuber living in Shanghai, China. It so happened that the person needed a vacuum cleaner toy. When he saw cheap cleaners online, he ordered 20 at once, but his reality was something else. 

The person ordered 20 cleaners at once but they turned out to be something else. (Photo: Youtube/拜托了小翔哥)

One thinking of middle-class people is very common, that is, if something is available cheap then many should be taken together, even if they need only one! This thinking is not only in India but also in the people of other countries. This is the reason that when a person from China recently saw that a robotic vacuum cleaner (Man ordered 20 robotic vacuum cleaners) was available online at a very low price, he ordered several pieces together without delay. But when he used them, he came to know the truth.

According to the report of the Audity Central News website, a funny incident happened recently with a YouTuber living in Shanghai, China. It so happened that the person needed a vacuum cleaner toy. When he looked at the online sites, all were out of his budget and their prices were very high. Suddenly his eyes went to a very cheap vacuum cleaner. It was so cheap that many pieces could come within his budget. He was happy to see this and ordered 20 pieces at once. 

20 vacuum cleaners on order
According to the report, these vacuum cleaners were robotic, that is, they used to walk on the ground on their own and collect the dirt and store it in themselves. In China, the cost of a robotic vacuum cleaner is more than 11 thousand, but the person who ordered it, it was just one piece around 300 rupees. So he ordered 20 and when he opened them, they looked a bit small, but even then he had no problem. He felt that his job was to pick up dirt, be it a big machine or a small one.

The reality of the robot came to know after use!
He put the cleaner on the ground but it did not clean much. Then he kept it on his work table and tested it on some cut papers but the cleaner did not even pick up those papers. Then he put them in a box for the last time and put very thin tissues in it. He thought that maybe the machine would be able to pick up the tissue easily, but it did not happen. He picked up a small piece out of dozens of pieces but that too fell. Then he carefully read the box of the machine on which it was written that it is a toy for children. Knowing this he lost his senses and about 6 thousand rupees were wasted. He also showed machines to people by posting videos on YouTube channel.



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