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alcohol damage the brain | breezer alcohol percentage | brain | brain health | Lifestyle | alcohol damage | Side Effects of Alcohol

Does drinking alcohol damage the brain? Read this news before spilling jam, otherwise, you will regret a lot 

Side Effects of Alcohol on the Brain: Drinking too much alcohol changes the chemistry of the brain and after a long time brain damage starts. Many times people also become victims of dementia due to alcohol. Apart from this, many dangerous side effects are also seen. 

After drinking alcohol, the chemistry of the brain changes within a few minutes.

  • Drinking alcohol has a profound effect on the brain, which can be dangerous.
  • Consuming alcohol for a long time can also cause brain shrinkage.

Alcohol-Related Brain Damage Cause Dementia: At present, drinking alcohol has become a hobby and a large number of people are intoxicated all the time. Recently, a man traveling on an Air India flight coming from New York to Delhi urinated on a woman. The accused was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. This matter is currently under discussion. People are also surprised to know to what extent alcohol intoxication can become a cause of trouble. Do you know that drinking alcohol directly attacks our brains? Consuming alcohol over a long period of time can cause brain damage. Today we will know about the harm caused by alcohol.

Alcohol can cause brain damage
According to the report WebMD, continuous excessive consumption of alcohol can cause brain damage. Some people may also have to face a dangerous disease like dementia because of this. Talking about the short-term effect of alcohol, after reaching inside the body, its effect immediately goes to the brain and changes the chemistry of the brain. Due to this, there are changes in our brains, and the activity of neurons is suppressed. Due to this, there is a lot of difficulty in speaking, walking, and remembering things. Some people even faint after drinking too much alcohol. Changing the chemistry of the brain causes rapid mood swings in people. Sometimes they feel excited and sometimes they feel depressed. Sometimes even become aggressive.

Increased risk of stroke
Excessive consumption of alcohol for a long time changes the neurotransmitter activities of the brain and the structure of the brain also starts becoming abnormal. Drinking excessive alcohol worsens the blood circulation in the brain and the brain starts shrinking. This increases the risk of stroke and dementia. This damage starts due to a lack of proper nutrients in the brain. Not only this, many mental health problems start due to the consumption of alcohol, which includes psychosis. Due to this people’s mood and personality also changes. To put it in simple language, alcohol makes the mind weak.

Alcohol kills brain cells?
According to experts, consuming alcohol does not kill brain cells. This is a rumor. However, alcohol damages the brain in many different ways and increases the risk of many serious diseases and injuries. Apart from the brain, alcohol can damage many organs including your liver. That’s why it should be consumed at least. If you are not used to drinking alcohol, then there is only a benefit in keeping your distance from it completely.



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