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Layoffs: I a got job at Amazon, and sold my house and car to go to Europe, news of layoffs came 4 days before leaving 

Amazon is laying off 18,000 of its employees. Tom Mboya Opio, a layoff victim from Kenya, shared his ordeal on Linkedin. He has told how the mountain of sorrows has broken on his family.

World tech companies including Amazon are doing layoffs. (Shakti knowledge)

  • Amazon will fire around 18,000 people this year.
  • This is about 6 percent of its total human resources.
  • An employee affected by the layoff shares his story.

New Delhi. Amazon started layoffs on a large scale as soon as the year starts. Worldwide, Amazon will show the way out to 18,000 employees (Amazon Layoff). Kenyan IT professional Tom Mboya Opiyo, who was a victim of this retrenchment, has put his story in front of the world. Opio explained in a LinkedIn post how Amazon fired him citing the changing business landscape. He wrote that he had to shift to Europe but he was told 4 days before the shift that he is no longer a part of the company.

Opio told that he also sold his house and car while preparing to go to Europe. After the relocation, Monday would have been his first day of work in the company, but now this will not happen. Opio has written that his family was preparing to shift to Europe for the last 6 months. On hearing the news of being fired on him and his family, it is as if a mountain has broken. He said that now he will go for counseling along with his family and hope that it will help him.

Keep these things in mind
Opio while addressing such people has asked to take care of 2 things who are shifting abroad for work. He said that never take your family with you in the beginning. First, you go there and then call the family. The second important thing is that you should not resign until you get the visa. He said that it took him about 5 months to complete the process of getting the visa. According to Opio, do not focus all your hopes on one thing.

Tech jobs in danger
Amazon is not the only tech company that is laying off people on such a large scale. The phase of layoffs has been going on since last year and it includes many big companies including Meta, Snap, Intel, Coinbase, and Oracle. In the year 2022, 1.53 lakh people were fired from tech companies. This year also the situation does not seem to be improving. Apart from Amazon, now Google and Microsoft are also preparing for layoffs. According to reports, both companies can lay off 11-11 thousand employees this year.



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