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Eric Garcetti: Joe Biden handed over the command of the US Embassy in India to his close friend, know about him… 

America News: US President Joe Biden will appoint Eric Garcetti as the US Ambassador to India. The post of US Ambassador to India is lying vacant for the last 2 years. Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is very close to US President Joe Biden. Although some American lawmakers have opposed him. 

President Biden will appoint former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India. (File photo)

  • Biden to re-nominate Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India
  • Can be nominated in the new Congress session
  • Some MPs are protesting 
Washington: The post of US Ambassador to India is vacant for the last two years. America has not yet been able to make its ambassador here. President Joe Biden still wants former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to serve as his ambassador to India. According to the news agency ANI, the White House has issued a statement saying that Eric M. Garcetti of California will be the United States Ambassador to India.

Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is considered close to Biden. Although some MPs are opposing his appointment as Ambassador to India. According to Hindustan Times, a White House official spoke on condition of anonymity to preview the upcoming announcement. According to the official, Biden plans to nominate Garcetti again as soon as the new congressional session begins.

Let us tell you that Biden nominated Garcetti as the ambassador of India last year. But Garcetti’s name was redacted during an internal investigation. Eric Garcetti has faced allegations of turning a blind eye to alleged sexual harassment by a top aide in his mayoral office. However, Garcetti has repeatedly denied the allegations. The White House publicly defended him as a worthy candidate and noted that his nomination had been approved unanimously by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Biden will continue his services
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday that “we see this as a very important nomination. We expect the full Senate to confirm him immediately. It was reported that the White House will resubmit 85 of the approximately 175 nominations on Tuesday that fell short in the last Congressional session.

Biden will continue to serve Phil Washington, chief executive officer of the Denver International Airport, to lead the Federal Aviation Administration, and Danny Werfel, managing director of the Boston Consulting Group, to lead the Internal Revenue Service. Now it will be interesting to see how long the appointment of the US Ambassador to India will take. 



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