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Smartphones will come to just Rs 3,000 due to the ban on Google! Companies are happy, and customers are also happy 

Google Android Policy Changes – By changing its Android policy, mobile users will now be able to automatically update apps that they have installed from third-party app stores other than the Google Play Store. Have done. 

Google has announced to change in its rules for the Android platform in India.

  • The removal of GMS will also reduce the cost of the handset.
  • Users will have many options for search engines.
  • Indigenous operating system BharOS will get a boost.
New Delhi. Google has announced a change in its Android Policy (Google Android Policy Changes). Google has been deciding how to operate Android in India, the world’s second-largest smartphone market. The rules that Google makes (Google Rules) have to be accepted not only by the users but also by the developers. The change in Google’s policy has now cleared the way for the government-owned native mobile operating system BharOS to flourish. Not only this, the removal of the compulsion to install Google Apps and the permission to use the Forked version of Android has also cleared the way for cheaper mobile handsets in the market.

Significantly, last week, Google reached the Supreme Court to avoid a fine of 1,338 crores imposed by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), but Google had to face a major setback in the court. After this, Google on Wednesday announced a change in its rules for the Android platform in India.

Will be able to make a Forked version of the Android
According to a report in Indian Express, smartphone makers will now have the option of making an approved Forked version of Android. Due to this, competition will increase in the mobile operating system market. Many Indian startups can benefit from this. Its biggest advantage will be the indigenous mobile operating system BharOS. Mobile manufacturers will now be free to use this.

Smartphones will be cheap
Mobile handset maker companies will now be able to take different licenses for Google apps. Earlier, they had to obtain a license for Google Mobile Services (GMS), which allowed them to install Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Play Store on their handsets. Now the removal of GMS will also reduce the cost of the handset. This will help companies launch Android smartphones under Rs 3,000, which was not possible earlier due to the additional cost of GMS.

This decision of Google has opened up a new market for ultra-affordable phones in India. The new rules may encourage local players to enter the smartphone business again. Google will not suffer any loss from this as it will continue to get license fees from the manufacturers for using its mobile services.

Users will get more options
After the changes made by Google, now users will have many options in the form of search engines. Users will be able to use the search engine of their choices such as Bing or DuckDuckGo while setting up the device. Till now it has happened that users had to use the pre-installed Google search engine on Android devices. But, now this will not happen. In this way, users will have more options for surge engines available. Users could not remove Google’s pre-installed apps. With Google changing its Android policy, it will no longer be mandatory for mobile manufacturers to sell their handsets with Google’s apps.




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