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Auto Taxi Fare Hike: Auto-taxi travel is costlier, hike up to Rs 4 per 1 kilometer, waiting charge also increased 

Auto Taxi Fare Hike- Auto and taxis are the main means of transport in Delhi. Due to the increase in their fare, there will be a burden on the common man’s pocket and his daily expenses will increase. 

The last revision in auto fare was in 2020.

  • There was a demand to increase the fare since the increase in the prices of CNG.
  • The government has not made any change in the night charge.
  • The government has also increased the waiting charge this time. 

New Delhi. People living in the capital Delhi will now have to spend more money on commuting. The Arvind Kejriwal government has increased the fares of autos and taxis in New Delhi. The minimum fare (meter down charge) for auto-rickshaws has been increased from Rs 25 to Rs 30 for the initial distance. After this limit, the fare has been increased from Rs 9.50 to Rs 11 for every kilometer.

According to a Moneycontrol report, passengers traveling in non-AC taxis will now have to pay a fare of Rs 17 per kilometer after a minimum fare of Rs 40. Earlier this fare was Rs 14 per kilometer. Now the fare of AC taxis has also been increased by Rs 4. Earlier the fare per kilometer was Rs 16, which has now been increased to Rs 20 per km.

No increase in the night charge
The night charge for auto is 25 percent. The government has not increased it. Night charge starts after 11 am and till 5 am. The waiting charge, which is Rs 30 at present, will be Rs 1 per minute after 15 minutes of stay and the excess baggage fee has been increased from Rs 10 to Rs 15. 
The fare was increased in
2020. The last revision in the fare of autorickshaws took place in 2020. Whereas the fares of taxis, which include black-yellow taxis, economy taxis, and premium taxis, were last revised nine years ago in 2013.
Huge increase in CNG prices
The rate of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) was Rs 47 in 2020, which has now increased to Rs 78.61 per kg in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Due to the increase in the prices of CNG, the auto and taxi unions have been demanding the government increase the fare for many days.
Autorickshaw and taxi unions had given a memorandum to Delhi’s Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot several times to increase the fare. A 13-member committee was constituted in May last year to review the fares considering the rising price of CNG, the increase in the cost and maintenance expenses of autorickshaws and taxis, and several other factors affecting the net earnings of autorickshaws and taxi drivers. was created. 




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