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Tibet Avalanche: Big accident in Tibet, 8 killed in the fierce avalanche, and many people missing, China sent help 

Tibet Avalanche: 8 people were killed, while many people were injured in an avalanche in Nyingchi, Tibet, bordering India. After the incident, the Chinese government sent a team for relief and rescue work. The team is engaged in searching for the missing people by running a search operation. 

After the massive avalanche in Nyingchi, Tibet, the Chinese government has sent relief and rescue teams. (symbolic photo)

  • 8 killed in a landslide in Tibet’s Nyingchi
  • The Chinese government sent a team for relief and rescue work
  • Agencies engaged in the search operation

New Delhi.  In Tibet, the havoc of nature killed 8 people. About 8 people died in Nyingchi Avalanche in the city of Nyingchi in the southwestern region of here. Relief and rescue work is going on after the incident. The state media gave information about this incident. After the avalanche, the Chinese government sent a team to recover the dead bodies and help the missing people. It was reported that an avalanche hit a part of the exit road between Pai village in Menling county and Doxong La tunnel in Medog county at around 8 pm on Tuesday night, in which many people are still missing.

According to the news agency Xinhua, it is not clear how many people are missing and no details have been released by the authorities yet. The Global Times reported on Thursday that local authorities sent 131 people and 28 vehicles to the scene overnight. China’s Ministry of Emergency Management has also sent a team to the Tibet Autonomous Region of southwest China.

Agencies involved in the search operation
Media reports have told that for emergency rescue by 5.30 pm on Wednesday, 246 rescuers (Rescuers), more than 70 vehicles, and 10 large scales, to dig a rescue route of 350 meters (1,000 feet) equipment and 994 pieces of search equipment. A search operation is being carried out continuously to find the missing people. Situated at an average altitude of about 3,100 meters (9,300 ft), Nyingchi is regarded by many tourist firms as the “Switzerland of Tibet”.



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