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Bageshwar Dham Update: 50 thousand saints will hit the streets in support of Peethadhish Shastri, warned 

Bageshwar Dham Story: Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, the Peethadhish of Bageshwar Dham, which is going on in continuous controversies, has got the support of saints and sages. If there is any allegation or action against him, 50 thousand saints will come to the streets. The Saint-Priest Organization of Madhya Pradesh passed a resolution in his support on Saturday. State President of the organization Narendra Dixit said that we support the Bageshwar Dham government and condemn the allegations leveled against them.

MP News: Sadhus and saints will take to the streets in support of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, and Peethadhish of Bageshwar Dham. He passed a resolution regarding this in Bhopal. (File Photo-Shakti knowledge)
Bhopal. The saint-priest organization of Madhya Pradesh has come out in support of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, Peethadhish of the famous Bageshwar Dham. Saints passed a resolution in support of Shastri in the organization meeting on Saturday. He has warned that if there is any kind of conspiracy against Dharmendra Krishna Shastri, then saints and saints will come on the road against him. 50 thousand sadhus and saints will perform on the streets.

This proposal was put forward in the meeting of the organization when its foundation day celebration was organized at Gandhi Bhavan in Bhopal. It has been said in the proposal that if any organization or society accuses Peethadhish Dhirendra Krishna Shastri or curbs his reputation, then 50 thousand saints will take to the streets to protest against it. Narendra Dixit, state president of Sant-Pujari Sangathan, told Shakti knowledge that we support the Bageshwar Dham government and unanimously condemn the allegations leveled against them.

Outside of tolerating the matter,
he said that if someone condemns and insults any Vedic Dharmacharya or storyteller, then we will not tolerate it. We support Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of the Bageshwar Dham government. If any kind of conspiracy or action is taken against them, the Sadhu-Sant Samaj will protest on the road. Dixit announced to take out the rally of the organization on 18 March. The head of the organization, Pandit Chandrashekhar Tiwari said that continuous comments and insults are being made against Sanatan Dharma and Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

he said that now such people will not be tolerated. They will be boycotted. Such things are not done against any other religion. He said that superstition is being talked about, whereas ghosts and vampires do not come near Lord Hanuman. In such a situation there is no question of superstition. If any committee raises questions on this, we openly challenge that too.




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