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Pakistan bid for Balochistan in lieu of a loan! China has given an exemption to loot precious resources, Baloch passing in poverty 

China Steals Rich Natural Resources of Balochistan: Pakistan’s government, which is in debt to China, has sold one of its provinces, Balochistan, to it in a way. Chinese companies are continuously filling their coffers by mining in this poor but scarce natural resource-rich province. Despite this, the people of the area have to live their lives in poverty and misery. Because of this, many separatist organizations in Balochistan have raised the demand for independence. 

Chinese companies are filling their coffers by mining the natural resources of Balochistan. (Reuters)

  • Pakistan’s debt-ridden government has handed over Balochistan to China.
  • This area is full of natural resources of many precious metals.
  • China is indiscriminately digging for these natural resources.

Islamabad. Pakistan’s debt-ridden government has handed over Balochistan to China in a way. This backward area is full of natural resources of gas and many precious metals. China has been exploiting these natural resources indiscriminately, while the entire region remains a poor region with a per capita GDP of only US$1,000. Under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and CPEC project, China is now fiercely looting the natural resources of Pakistan’s largest state.

Chinese companies are making huge profits from here. There is very little employment or economic benefit to the local population of Balochistan. A similar situation is also seen in Myanmar, where China has recently intensified illegal mining in the border areas. A Chinese company running gold, silver, and copper mines in Balochistan has claimed that it made a profit of about US $ 75 million in 2021 despite the halt in work due to Kovid-19. A significant portion of this profit is sent back to China.

Those who support running these mines say that this helps in increasing employment along with better education and health facilities. While many local people say that there has been no significant improvement in their lives. The reality on the ground is that Balochistan remains a very poor and neglected province. Balochistan still has the old-fashioned infrastructure. Mud houses, dirty and unpaved roads, lack of potable water, poverty, and backwardness still prevail in Balochistan. Overall, the economic condition of the area is very pathetic. For these reasons, separatist groups are waging a war against the government for an independent Balochistan and to drive the Chinese out of Balochistan.

China Steals Rich Natural Resources of Balochistan
  • Balochistan is a province in Pakistan that is rich in natural resources such as natural gas, coal, and minerals.
  • There are various development projects ongoing in Balochistan, some of which are being carried out with Chinese investment and assistance.
  • These development projects are carried out with the consent of the Pakistani government.
  • The projects are intended to benefit the local population.
  • I am not aware of any evidence to support the claim that China is stealing natural resources from Balochistan.
  • China has invested in several projects in Balochistan, including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which aims to improve infrastructure and boost economic development in the region.
  • Some Baloch nationalist groups have criticized the Chinese investment, claiming that it does not benefit the local population and that the resources are being exploited for the benefit of China and the Pakistani government.
  • However, the Chinese government has denied these allegations and states that their investment in Balochistan is aimed at promoting mutually beneficial cooperation and sustainable development.
  • It is important to note that the situation in Balochistan is complex and multifaceted, and there is a range of perspectives on Chinese investment in the region.
  • Some experts have also argued that the Chinese investment in Balochistan has brought jobs and economic opportunities for locals, but there has been also concern over transparency, accountability, and distribution of benefits.



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