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basant panchami | basant panchami 2023 | Hindu-Muslim | martyrs | religious conversion | republic day

There is a lot of kite flying in Lahore on Basant Panchami, which is related to this Hindu goddess and sacrificial child.

Basant Panchami – Basant Panchami and Republic Day are being celebrated in the country today. Where lakhs of people sacrificed their lives to make India a full republic country. At the same time, the day of Basant Panchami is also remembered for many sacrifices. 

Basant Panchami is also remembered for the people who sacrificed their lives for the country and religion.

Basant Panchami: This time Basant Panchami and Republic Day are being celebrated together. Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge is worshiped on this day. People wear yellow clothes. Some people also eat yellow things on Basant Panchami. Today we celebrate a lot on Basant Panchami. People in Pakistan celebrate Basant Panchami in their own style. There is a lot of kite flying on Basant Panchami in Lahore. Here this day is remembered for the sacrifice of Balak Veer Hakikat. In his memory only, the people of Lahore fly kites on Basant Panchami. Apart from this, this day is also remembered for the sacrifice of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Basant Panchami has a close relationship with Veer Hakikat, a boy from Lahore and a Hindu goddess. It so happened that Veer Haqiqat used to go to a Maulvi in ​​Lahore to study. One day Maulvi left the school for some work. All the children started playing, but Veer kept studying reality. When other children teased him for playing instead of studying, he took an oath of Goddess Durga and asked them to stay away. Muslim children made fun of Goddess Durga on this. On this Veer, Hakikat said that if I say something about Bibi Fatima, how would you all feel?

The temple of Veer Hakikat Rai is situated in Batala. Many people gather here on Basant Panchami.

False complaint and decree of death
Muslim children on the return of Maulvi made a false complaint saying that Haqiqat had abused Bibi Fatima. The matter increased so much that the matter reached the Qazi. At that time India was ruled by Muslims. Qazi decided that either Haqiqat should become a Muslim or his head should be beheaded. Veer Hakikat did not accept the change of religion. On this, Qazi gave the order to kill Veer Hakikat.
The sword is given in the hand of the executioner himself
It is said that seeing the innocent face of the heroic reality, the executioner left the sword. On this, Veer Hakikat raised the sword and gave it to the executioner and said when I am following my religion as a child, then why are you turning away from your religion after growing up. The executioner strengthened his heart and fired his sword. Legend has it that after being separated from the body, the head of Veer Hakikat went to the sky instead of falling to the ground. This incident took place on 23 February 1734 i.e. Basant Panchami only. It is said that even today in Pakistan, kites are flown on Basant Panchami in memory of the brave reality’s head which has gone into the sky. 

There is a temple of Sati Lakshmi Devi, wife of Hakikat Rai, in Batala.

Father’s only son was Hakikat
Veer Hakikat Rai was born in 1719 in Sialkot city of Punjab. He was the only son of businessman father Bhagmal. Before the partition of India in 1947, Hindu Muslims used to gather at his mausoleum in Lahore on Basant Panchami. After partition, his other tomb was built in ‘Baba Bhandari of Byoli’ in the Hoshiarpur district. Even today people gather here on Basant Panchami to pay homage to Hakikat Rai. A temple dedicated to Hakikat Rai is at Batala in the Gurdaspur district. In this city, there is a mausoleum dedicated to Sati Lakshmi Devi, the wife of Hakikat Rai.

Sacrifice of
Prithviraj Chauhan The day of Basant Panchami also reminds us of Prithviraj Chauhan. He defeated foreign attacker Mohammad Ghori 16 times and left him alive every time. Mohammad Ghori defeated him for the 17th time. Then burst his eyes. Before giving the death sentence to Prithviraj Chauhan, he expressed his desire to see the wonder of his word-absorbing arrow. After this, Prithviraj Chauhan shot an arrow on the basis of the signal of poet Chandbardai, which sank into Gauri’s chest. After this, Chandbardai and Prithviraj also sacrificed themselves by stabbing each other in the stomach. This incident also happened on the day of Basant Chanchami. 




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