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After drinking alcohol, the skill of speaking fluent English increases, we are not saying this, it has been claimed in the research 

Benefits of alcohol: Although there is only harm in drinking alcohol, but in a research it has been claimed that after drinking alcohol, the skill of another language improves. That is, if an Indian drinks alcohol, then his second language English will become good.

This study has been published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

  • Study finds bilingual speakers’ second language skills improve after drinking alcohol
  • The study found that alcohol increases self-confidence manifold.
Alcohol improves foreign language skills: Alcohol i.e. alcohol damages kidney, liver to heart. But there are benefits of alcohol in some things too. In a new study, it has been claimed that if a person gets drunk even a little sip of alcohol, then after that he starts speaking in another language or a foreign language. Even if he already knows this language to a lesser extent. In India it can be English language. That is, people who speak their mother tongue Hindi, if they drink alcohol, then after getting intoxicated, they start speaking fluent English

This study has been published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. This study has been done jointly by researchers from the University of Liverpool, Maastricht University and King’s College London. It was found in the study that after drinking alcohol, the skill of bilingual people in the second language improves and they start speaking that language faster than drinking alcohol.

Alcohol also boosts self-confidence
ScienceDailyAccording to this study published in, we know that it is necessary to be aware of intellectual ability to speak English or a foreign language. In such a situation, we can think that alcohol spoils the intellectual ability more, but the opposite result has come out in the study. The study found that alcohol increases self-confidence manifold. Along with this, this social anxiety, that is, the nervousness or uneasiness that occurs after seeing many people, also goes away. Due to the effect of these two, when there is a conversation with other people, then the ability to speak another language also increases. After this situation, when the intoxication of alcohol breaks, then the person feels that his second language has improved a lot and now he can speak well in this language.

This is how the experiment was done
Researchers tested it on some German mother tongue people in the Netherlands. For this, he gave alcohol to these people in small quantities. These people were studying at the Dutch University. All spoke German and had recently been learning Dutch. Some Dutch people were seated with them who did not drink alcohol. Now a dialogue started between these people. Researchers recorded the dialogue between everyone. When the conversation took place, the German speaker, who was still learning Dutch, started speaking in fluent Dutch with the Dutch people. Later these people were asked to rate themselves on speaking Dutch. All these people were surprised at their own dutch. In this way his ability to speak Dutch increased.




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