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Rahul Gandhi News: When and with whom will you marry, what is your favorite food? Rahul Gandhi openly told everything 

Rahul Gandhi’s Big Statement on Marriage: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made public his choice regarding the first girl for his marriage. He said that ‘he is waiting for the right girl for marriage’. If he finds the right girl, he will get married. His parents had a very happy married life, so his expectations about his life partner are very high. From family, his lineage, and education, Rahul spoke openly about food and drink.

Rahul Gandhi said that he is waiting for the right girl for his marriage. If he finds the right girl, he will get married. (file photo)

  • Rahul said – My parents’ married life was very happy
  • I am from a Kashmiri Pandit family, my grandfather was Parsi, then came to Prayagraj

New Delhi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made a big disclosure for the first time about his marriage. He said that he is waiting for the right girl for marriage. He will marry as soon as he finds the right girl. He said that his parents had a ‘very happy married life’, so he has high expectations for his life partner. In a light-hearted conversation with ‘Curly Tales’, a food and travel platform on YouTube, Rahul (52) discussed a wide range of topics other than politics, from his childhood memories to favorite dishes and his love for exercise.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi made it clear that he has no problem getting married, but alluding to his father Rajiv Gandhi, and mother Sonia Gandhi, he said, “My parents had a very happy married life and they lived together.” – Used to love the other very much, so my expectations are very high. Rahul said, “I will get married when I find the right girl. I mean when she gets it, it will be good.” When asked if he has made a list of the qualities of his wife, Rahul said, “No! I only want a loving girl, who is also sensible.

Congress shared the video of this conversation which took place during ‘ dinner
Outside Rahul’s container in the Rajasthan phase of ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. In the video, Rahul is seen saying that he does not make much fuss about food and eats whatever is available, but he does not like ‘peas and jackfruit’. Rahul, who started ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu in September 2022, is currently in Jammu and Kashmir. In the conversation, he said that at home he is ‘very strict’ about his diet, but “he doesn’t have much choice when traveling”.

Rahul likes country food and non-vegetarian food
The former Congress president said that according to him, the food of Telangana is a little spicy and spicy. He said, “There used to be a little more chili in the food there. I don’t eat that much chili.” When asked what kind of food is cooked at his home, Rahul told that “desi food” is cooked during the day and some continental (European countries) cuisine at night. He said that he takes a moderate diet and avoids eating sweets. Rahul told that he is ‘fond of non-vegetarian food’ and he likes chicken, mutton, and seafood. When asked about his favorite food, the Congress leader said that he likes to eat chicken tikka, seekh kabab, and omelet. He also told that he likes to drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

I belong to a Kashmiri Pandit family, grandfather was a Parsi
Rahul said that he belonged to a Kashmiri Pandit family, which had settled in Allahabad (now Prayagraj) in Uttar Pradesh. Referring to his grandfather Firoz Khan, he said, “My grandfather was a Parsi. So I am completely mixed (of race).” Rahul said that after the assassination of his grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, he was educated at home. He said that after this incident his father Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister.

He said of that time, “It was really like a shock. The security personnel said that we cannot go to school. I was studying in a boarding school, but they pulled us out before my grandmother was killed. They didn’t let us go back when Dadi was killed.” Rahul said that some teachers in the school treated him very well, but some treated him rudely because of his family’s pro-poor politics.

Rahul Gandhi mentioned studying from St. Stephen’s to Harvard University When
Rahul was asked about his higher education, and he said, “I was in St. Stephen’s for one year and I studied history there. After that, I went to Harvard University, where I studied International Relations and Political Science. The Congress leader said that security concerns arose after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991. Rahul said that he was sent to Rollins College in Florida, where he studied international relations and economics. He told that he also has a ‘Master’s degree’ in ‘Development Economics from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Rahul did a job in a Monitor Company, his salary was 3 thousand pounds
About his first job, Rahul told that he served in London’s strategic advisory firm ‘Monitor Company’ and then he must have been 24-25 years old. The former Congress president told that he had received a check of two and a half to three thousand pounds as his first salary. Rahul said that if he becomes the prime minister, he will do three things, first- change the education system, second- help small and medium enterprises, and third- help people going through difficult times, such as farmers and unemployed youth.

Rahul opens the secret of fitness and teaches martial arts every day
Rahul, who is making headlines for fitness, also talked about his interest in scuba diving, free diving, cycling, backpacking (the habit of traveling alone), and the martial art Aikido. He said, “I used to do boxing in college. I have always done some exercise or the other. Martial arts are very convenient. They do not teach to be violent, quite the opposite. But martial arts are misinterpreted to harm people and attack them. If you understand its purpose well, then it will prove to be very beneficial for you. Rahul told that he takes a ‘class’ of martial arts daily during the journey.

When asked about the things kept in Rahul’s purse, Shiva and Rudraksha
at the head, while sleeping, Rahul said that the drawer of his bed contains Rudraksha, pictures of Shiva and other gods and goddesses, and his wallet.



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