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Bharatpur News | crime news | Rajasthan news | horrible | honeymoon

The bride gave ‘horrible’ pain after the honeymoon, the groom came in shock, and there was chaos in the family; read the full story

Bharatpur News: In the atmosphere of marriage, there is happiness in the family. There is an atmosphere of joy in the family and relatives too. In Rajasthan’s Bharatpur, such an incident has come to light, listening to which you too will clench your fingers. The police have also taken quick action in this matter.

In Bharatpur, the robber bride carried out the dreadful incident. (Shakti knowledge Hindi Graphic)

Bharatpur. The atmosphere of marriage-marriage often remains in our country. During this time, there is a state of happiness from family to relatives and even to the people of the neighborhood. Everyone is engaged in preparations for marriage at their own level. Some are busy collecting their clothes and some other things. In the midst of all this, the bride and groom remain at the center of the discussion. After marriage, everyone gets involved in their own work. The guests also leave. What would you think if after all the arrangements are done, you come to know that the bride was fake and the bridegroom looted all the belongings of the party? Leave your own, what would be the condition of the groom and his family members suffering from this incident? A similar case came to light a few days back in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

Honeymoon is the most special moment of life for any newly married couple. On the first night of marriage, the newly married couple remains lost in love and tries to cherish new dreams. But, when the groom comes to know that the one whose arms he is considering as his world, is a member of the robber bride gang, then you can easily guess about the mood of that person. One such case has come to the fore in Baisoda village of Garhi-Bajna area of ​​Bharatpur district. A few days after the wedding, the newlyweds ran away with cash and gold and silver jewellery. While the bridegroom was shocked by this act of the bride, there was uproar in the family.

When the robbery bride gang
case reached the local police, they were also surprised. Taking quick action, he arrested 2 robber brides and a broker involved in this gang. On questioning, Dalal made even more shocking revelations. He told that he had brought both of them on rent at the rate of 2-2 thousand rupees per day. It means that the gang used to get the girls married by paying Rs 2000-2000 per day to the girls, then they ran away by robbing the house of the groom’s side.

, according to media reports, a team was formed to arrest the accused after registering a case on behalf of the victim. The police team had arrested one accused robber bride from Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh and the other from Mainpuri. It is interesting here that the theft incident was carried out by bringing the bride on daily basis. After the increase in such cases, it has become very important to investigate thoroughly before marriage.




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