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Bholaa Teaser 2 Out: Action in ‘Bhola’ was more than ‘Kathy’, Ajay Devgan and Tabu performed dangerous stunts 

Bholaa Movie Teaser 2: Ajay Devgan has released the second teaser of ‘Bhola’ from his social media account. In the second teaser of ‘Bhola’, strong action and dangerous stunts of Ajay Devgn and Tabu are being seen.

The second teaser of ‘Bhola’ is out. (Photo courtesy: YouTube videograb)

Mumbai. Ajay Devgn Bholaa Teaser 2 Out:  The second teaser of Ajay Devgan’s upcoming film ‘Bhola’ has been launched. In this teaser, a lot of focus has also been given to Tabu. You must have seen many romantic films of Ajay and Tabu till now, but in this, both are seen doing dangerous actions and stunts. Everyone knew from the first teaser of Bhola that Ajay is playing the role of a man named Bhola, who has been a convicted prisoner and is now on his way to meet his daughter. But in this, they have to face many obstacles.

Now, the second teaser of Bhola has been launched. In this, along with Ajay Devgan, Tabu’s strong style is seen. The teaser begins with Ajay’s dialogue – “The father who could not give a doll in 10 years, is thinking of giving the world in one night.” After this dangerous fight scenes and bike stunts are seen. Then comes Tabu’s entry.

Dangerous bike stunts and action scenes in ‘Bhola
Tabu has become a police officer. She is seen firing at a truck in the opposite direction in a moving jeep. All this does not stop here, Ajay is seen fighting with the goons, and once again dangerous bike stunts are seen. Seeing the second teaser of ‘Bhola’, you will definitely feel that this film is going to be many times better than ‘Kathy’. It may be a remake of Kaithi, but it has been shot in a completely different style.

A completely different and powerful character of Ajay Devgn and Tabu is being seen in ‘Bhola’. Bhola has been directed by Ajay himself. Bhola will be released in theaters on March 30. It is a Hindi remake of the Tamil film ‘Kaithi’. Karti was in the lead role in ‘Kathy’. The film was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. He also wrote its story.



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