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The Imam of the mosque started moving the dupatta of the girl of other communities by giving toffee! Then people did this 

Bihar News: Masodhi police have arrested the Imam of the mosque on charges of molestation. The case of molestation by Imam pertains to a village in the Masodhi police station area. The name of the accused is being told as Firoz Alam. The police have swung into action after a written complaint in this matter and are probing the allegations leveled against him.

Draft police arresting Imam accused of molesting a girl child.

  • The Imam of the mosque was arrested for molesting a girl child in Masaurhi.
  • The accused Imam was molesting a 12-year-old girl by giving her a toffee.
  • The victim girl belonged to the Hindu community, and the Muslim-Hindu community thrashed her together.

draft. The imam of a mosque in Masaurhi of Patna district has been accused of molestation. After the news came out, the angry people thrashed the accused Imam and handed him over to the police. Presently the accused is in police custody. The relatives of the victim girl alleged that the girl was passing near the mosque. During this, the Imam called her inside the mosque and started molesting her by giving her toffee with the wrong intention.

The matter is off Wednesday afternoon. According to the allegation, taking advantage of the deserted place, the Imam started moving the girl’s dupatta. The girl somehow reached her home after escaping from the Imam who was touching her body with wrong intentions and removing her scarf and narrating the ordeal to her family members. After the incident, the villagers along with the family members of the victim got angry and hundreds of people gathered outside the mosque. On information, the police reached the spot, and Imam was arrested.

It is said that the 12-year-old girl is from a Hindu family. Due to this kind of anti-social behavior of the Imam, the people of both Hindu and Muslim communities are angry with the actions of the Imam. Because of this anger, the people of both communities thrashed the accused Imam outside the mosque and later called the police and handed him over to the police.

In this case, the relative of the victim told that whether the girl went to the mosque on her own or was called, is not known. But, the Imam started removing the dupatta while doing a devilish act by giving toffee to the girl. When the girl reached home and told the whole thing to the guardian, the news spread throughout the whole village. The whole village got up and turned against Imam Firoz Alam and beat him up, then he was handed over to the police.

On the other hand, Imam Firoz Alam says that he has not done such an act, and people are making false allegations. However, the police have swung into action after a written complaint in this matter and are probing the allegations leveled against the Imam.




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