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Boycott Pathan: Furore over Shahrukh’s Pathan, posters burnt, theaters return money for advance book tickets 

Pathan Release News: A big-budget film starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham is facing a boycott by Hindu organizations. The film, released just before Republic Day on January 26, is facing protests in many parts of the country. After the news of the states of UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, etc., now the big news of the boycott of ‘Pathan’ is coming from Morena of Madhya Pradesh. Watch Akash Gaur’s report. 

Morena. Shahrukh Khan’s starrer film ‘Pathan’ is facing huge opposition from the people on the very first day of its release. Pathan Movie Release, which was released on January 25 in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, became a flop because the audience could not reach the theaters amid protests. 33 tickets were booked online (Pathan Ticket Advance Booking) to watch this film in Morena, but when some of these people reached to see the film, the theater was found closed. There was no audience here, there was a crowd of police and Hindu organizations.

Activists of Hindu organizations and Bajrang Dal boycotted the film Pathan by reaching the theaters on the very first day. This film could not run in any cinema hall in Morena. Bajrang Dal activists said that this film is against our religion, in which Deepika Padukone has insulted the saffron color by doing a clumsy dance. We will not tolerate this at all.

Since Wednesday morning, Hindu organizations especially Bajrangi reached various cinema halls and tore the posters of the film Pathan. Posters were burnt and slogans were raised. He said that the saffron color is considered a Sanatani symbol. We will not allow Pathan to walk anywhere in the entire district.

On Tuesday, when Shakti knowledge inquired about the movie tickets at Gold Cinema, Morena, Chandrabhan Singh, the employee posted at the ticket counter told that 33 tickets were booked. But when Hindu organizations opposed the Pathan movie on Wednesday, the money for the booked tickets was returned.

Morena SDM LK Pandey told that there are three talkies in Morena Gold, Mayur, and Morena Talkies. Out of these three, the show of the film Pathan was closed by the cinema operators due to protests. We have also deployed an adequate police force at all three talkies so that no problem arises.



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