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China Viral Video: The bride wept bitterly on the wedding day, people said – forcefully marrying is painful, know the whole story 

China Viral Video: The video of a bride from China is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the viral video, the bride is seen crying bitterly on the day of her marriage. In Viral Video, the bride (China Viral Bride) is saying that this marriage is very painful. She said that she is getting married for the sake of her parents. 

China Viral Video: Video of bride crying bitterly on marriage goes viral. (symbolic photo)

  • Video of bride crying bitterly on wedding day goes viral
  • So far more than 11 thousand people have commented on the viral video
  • The bride said she is getting married to please her parents

New Delhi: The video of a 20-year-old girl in China is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Crying bitterly over her marriage, she made such a confession that the video went viral on social media. In the video, she is seen admitting that she was not in love and married only to satisfy her parents. The bride, Yan, from southwest China’s Guizhou province, said in an online post that she was not looking forward to tying the knot with a man she met on a blind date.

In her wedding video on the post, Yann is wearing a white dress and is seen smiling at the camera before breaking down in tears. Yan said she was not looking forward to getting married, but felt she had to meet her parents’ expectations and cultural norms as soon as possible. He said that my parents are also getting old now.

Marriage for parents
Yan said, “My relatives and neighbors were talking about me. There was pressure on me to get married. She said she started looking for a husband to take the pressure off and after meeting a man on a blind date, decided to marry him. Yan said, “My marriage is to make my parents feel relieved. I have no future with this.

Video fast viral on
social media Viral on social media platform Douyin More than 11,000 comments have been received on this video. This video is trending online in China. Some people in the video said that she would not be happy in her marriage, while others expressed hope that she would be happy. One person said, “Forced marriage is painful.” Another said, “Life is short. Why is she sacrificing herself to make other people happy.” Another person commented, “I hope her husband is a good person, and they can romance in their married life.”

In China, youth are pressured to marry
Let us tell you that in China, it is common to put pressure on youth to marry. Forcing youths to marry remains a cultural norm there. In an official survey released in 2016, data showed that in that year, Henan, Sichuan, and Shandong provinces reported the most number of parents forcing their children to marry. Data from the 2021 census released by China’s National Bureau of Statistics revealed that the country’s sex ratio remains skewed with 723 million males compared to 689 million females.




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