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Bubble Tea Benefits: Google celebrated the popularity of bubble tea through doodle, knowing its history and benefits  

Google has selected January 29 to celebrate bubble tea, as on this day in 2020, it was announced that the iconic drink would be given its own emoji. Google is celebrating bubble tea through its doodle today. It is a special type of beverage that is especially popular in Taiwan. Although this tea has become very popular worldwide since the Corona period. So let’s know about its benefits-

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The day is today, Google is celebrating the popularity of bubble tea around the world with a cute and interactive sketch. Bubble tea also referred to as boba tea or pearl milk tea, is an alcohol-free, non-carbonated cold tea drink. The name is derived from the jelly-like look of the pearls in tapioca that appear to be bubbles in the beverage. The drink has gained popularity during the Covid-19 epidemic, particularly among Gen-Z as well as young people.

Google has picked the 29th of January to commemorate bubble tea because on the 29th of January in 2020, there was a rumor that this famous drink will be given its own Emoji.

To honor the milky and tangy drink, Google has come up with a fun and interactive doodle that lets users to make your own tea recipes and even run their own store. All you have just click the doodle and an animated video will begin playing on screen. In the interactive doodle players play as an Formosan Mountain Dog who operates the bubble tea stand in the middle of a gloomy forest. Making tea within the game is easy and users only need to fill the cup with every ingredient, such as milk and Boba balls to get to the desired level.

Overall, players must complete five orders before closing the shop for the day. Each order will be getting harder than the previous. When each drink has been consumed and the drink is served, customers place their straws, and then poke their lids in a pleasing manner.

Satisfy your desire and prepare your own delicious cup of bubble tea with today’s interactive Doodle that features Taiwan’s native Formosan Mountain Dog and well as a group of well-known Doodle characters” The page for the Doodle says.

In a detailed explanation of the history behind the drink, Google wrote on its Doodle website, “This Taiwanese drink was originally a local delight and has grown in popularity over the past few years. Bubble tea is rooted in the traditional Taiwanese tea culture that began as early as the seventeenth century. But, it wasn’t until the 80s when the concept of bubble tea we know as we have as it is today was developed.”

The company further stated, “As waves of Taiwanese immigrants in the last few years have brought this drink to the world The development of the original bubble tea is continuing. Stores across the globe continue to experiment with different flavors, flavors and blends. Traditional tea houses all over Asia are also getting in the boba-craze and the trend has spread to countries such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea and many more!”

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Bubble Tea Benefits
New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Bubble Tea Benefits: Google often remains in the discussion because of its doodles. He dedicates his doodle to some other special day or thing. In this sequence, today once again Google is in headlines for its doodle. Actually, today Google has shared a special doodle. With this special doodle, Google is celebrating the popularity of bubble tea around the world. Google has introduced a great animation interactive doodle game on its homepage, through which you can make bubble tea digitally. Bubble tea is a type of beverage, which became very popular among people during the Korana epidemic. It has been in constant trend since the Corona period. So let’s know about the history and benefits of this special drink- 

History of Bubble Tea
The popularity of bubble tea has a great reason to celebrate today. In fact, the popularity of this drink had increased so much during the Corona period that in the year 2020, on this day, it was declared as an emoji. However, the history of this drink is quite old. This drink is being consumed in Taiwan for many years. Drinking bubble tea started in the 1980s. This tea is also known by the names Pearl Tea, Black Pearl Tea, Big Pearl, Pearl Shake, and Boba Nai Chai all over the world. Sabudana is added to it, hence the name bubble tea. Along with this, ice is also added to it. 
Lower blood pressure
It has been revealed in many studies that the green base of bubble tea is very beneficial in reducing blood pressure. Along with this, this tea, rich in many properties, can also reduce the bad cholesterol level present in the body, which also reduces the chances of stroke and serious heart-related diseases.
Cancer is such a serious disease, which can sometimes prove to be fatal. In such a situation, if you consume bubble tea, then it reduces the risk of cancer. This tea affects cancer cells. Drinking this reduces the risk of fatal diseases like liver, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer.
Make the immune system strong
The green tea base used to make bubble tea is rich in antioxidants. Because of this quality, this tea strengthens our immune system. Actually, this tea also reduces oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals that reduce our immunity. Also, fruits used in it like blueberries, and strawberries are found in large amounts of vitamin C, which are helpful in strengthening immunity.
The high amount of sugar present in bubble tea acts as an instant energy booster. Caffeine is also used in this very popular health drink in Taiwan, which is very helpful in increasing energy by removing the fatigue of the day.



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