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‘For alcohol…’ 8 minor girls killed a 59-year-old man… Now the secret is exposed 

Toronto Killing Case: The police have disclosed the murder case that took place last month in Toronto, Canada. Police (Toronto Police) have identified eight girls accused of killing 59-year-old Ken Lee. Police said that all eight girls are minors. 

Toronto Murder Case: Toronto Police disclosed the murder of a 59-year-old man. (symbolic photo)

  • Ken Lee was stabbed to death in December
  • Toronto police made 8 minor girls accused

TORONTO KILLING CASE: Police have revealed the murder of a 59-year-old man in Toronto, Canada. Last month in Toronto, a man was brutally murdered by 8 minor girls. After this, the Toronto Police were continuously engaged in identifying the accused of murder. In this brutal murder case (Toronto Murder Case), the police have now got success. The police have identified the girls who were murdered. It was told that on the day of the murder, many people were attacked by groups of girls at several metro stations in Toronto. 

In fact, in December last year, 59-year-old Ken Lee was murdered. After this, the police were engaged in solving the mystery of the murder. Toronto Police issued a press release on Wednesday and said that Ken Lee was murdered between 10 and 12 midnight on December 17. The police refused to give more information citing that the girls were minors. Police said that from 10 to 12 o’clock that night, other people were also attacked in between 5 metro stations. The police have also asked those victims to come forward.
said that on the night of December 17, a group of 8 girls attacked 59-year-old Ken Lee with knives after beating them. Lee died in the hospital during treatment. Police said that all eight girls are minors. Three girls are 13 years old, three are 14 years old and two girls are 16 years old. It was told that these girls had met each other through social media and have homes in the Greater Toronto Area.
The police refused to identify the girls as they were minors. Police told that they think the murder was done by alcohol. Police said that the girls were trying to get rid of the liquor bottle from the deceased. After this, the dispute escalated and Lee was murdered.



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