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10 rupees for those who have been cheated in love and 15 rupees for the lover-couple … Bewafa Chaiwala’s tea became the support of broken hearts 

Bewafa Chaiwala in Hapur: A tea shop in Dhaulana of Hapur district is attracting people. At the ‘Bewafa Chaiwala’ shop, there are different prices of tea for lovers and people who have been cheated in love. 

Hapur Bewafa Chaiwala’s tea shop (Shakti knowledge)

  • Bewafa Chaiwala shop opened after hearing stories of betrayal by friends
  • People who have been cheated in love get an offer on the price of tea
  • People say that lovers forget their sorrows by drinking tea from this shop.

Hapur.  Issues arising out of the discussion on tea in India often become headlines in newspapers or news channels, but in Uttar Pradesh these days a tea seller remains a topic of discussion. This tea seller is being discussed in the entire Hapur district. Because the name of this shop is ‘ Bewafa Chaiwala’. The special thing is that here the prices of tea are different for loving couples and people who have been cheated in love.

This unique tea shop has been opened in ‘Dhaulana’ of the Hapur district. The tea seller is selling tea here after getting his name written on the board. The name of the tea seller’s shop is ‘Bewafa Chaiwala’. When Shakti knowledge asked this young man why he named the tea shop Bewafa Chaiwala, the answer was surprising.

Mo. the owner of the tea shop. Kaif told that he wanted to open a tea shop, his friends often used to tell him their tales and stories after being cheated in love. He saw the heartbreak of many friends in love; That’s when he got this idea and named his tea shop ‘Bewafa Chaiwala’.

Different prices for lovers-couples The
the shopkeeper says that all the lovers who come to his shop to drink tea, they are given tea for Rs. Tea is being given at the shop for Rs.10 only. Bewafa Chaiwala has become a favorite place for lovers, where youth often reach to drink tea.

By drinking tea at this shop, lovers forget their sorrows
This tea shop has become a topic of discussion in the area these days, people who drink tea here also say that they have taken sips of tea at many tea shops, but at this shop After drinking tea, they do not like tea from anywhere else. While sipping tea at this shop, lovers are seen trying to forget their sorrows.




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