Thursday, March 23, 2023
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After the Corona epidemic, another big crisis in China, the whole country trembled, know 

A new crisis has come in China with the Corona epidemic. There has been a huge shortage of natural gas in the country, due to which people are facing unbearable cold in this cold wave and snowy weather.

Due to cold wave and cold in many parts of China, the temperature has reached below zero. (Photo- AP)

  • New crisis came with Corona epidemic in China
  • Panic due to shortage of natural gas
  • People cursed the Chinese government on social media

Beijing. Due to severe shortage of natural gas in China, common citizens are facing severe cold. Already angry people have cursed the Chinese government for the shortage of natural gas due to the Corona epidemic. The New York Times has published a big report about this. It has been told that the complaints of common people are going viral on social media. In China’s northern province of Shanxi, a video describing such conditions is going viral on social media. Millions of people in China are vulnerable to corona infection.

It has been said in the news that in the first week of December, Chinese President Xi Jinping had abandoned his “Zero Covid” policy towards Corona, due to which the epidemic spread rapidly and now Corona has spread from village to village. It has been said in the New York Times report that there is a shortage of money in many towns and cities in China. Here people are not getting their salaries on time and common citizens are also troubled by the lack of cash. In such a situation, there has also been a shortage in maintaining adequate supply of gas.
Subsidy on natural gas has been reduced. On the other
hand, measures have also been taken to eliminate the budget of the local governments. This has exposed systemic weaknesses in China’s energy regulations and infrastructure. At the same time, due to the Ukraine-Russia war, the effect on China is also being seen. China has long been the main supplier of gas from Russia. At this time, China is in great need of natural gas, which has increased by 42 percent as compared to last year. The New York Times reported that provincial and municipal governments in China have reduced customary subsidies on gas.
Citizens were forced to bear the terrible cold
Here, the government has also asked to control natural gas effectively. Due to this, it is being used in the houses only for essential cooking while natural gas is not available for other works and heating. In such a situation, common citizens are facing the wrath of cold. The government has taken care of the gas shortage, but they can hardly get out of this situation. Lian Weiliang, vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic planning agency, told a news conference that some regions and enterprises have not implemented measures to ensure the supply and price of energy for people’s livelihoods. The New York Times reported that China would build more natural gas storage sites to try to avoid similar problems in the future.



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