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Corona Virus in China: ‘Share the real-time data of Corona and …’ why WHO had to tell China 

Corona Virus in China: In view of the increasingly alarming situation of the Corona epidemic in China, now the World Health Organization (WHO), breaking its long-standing silence, has clearly told China to collect every figure of this epidemic. And share it. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is very important to do this to protect the health of people all over the world. Realizing its responsibility, China needs to correct the data management of Corona. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) finally had to break its silence on the situation of Corona in China. (twitter.com/DrTedros)

  • WHO pressured China to provide all the necessary real-time data on Covid-19.
  • The WHO asked the Chinese authorities to be more vigilant on all kinds of important data of the Corona epidemic.
  • Gene sequencing data including hospitalizations, ICU visits, and deaths were sought from China.

Beijing. Now the World Health Organization (WHO) has also expressed concern about the ever-increasing situation of Corona in China. WHO has put pressure on China to provide all the necessary real-time data on Covid-19. A WHO team met Chinese officials on Friday and pressed them to be more vigilant and share all kinds of important data on the current situation of the Corona epidemic. The United Nations health agency WHO said in a statement that in a high-level meeting amid the growing outbreak of Covid-19 in China, the Chinese authorities were asked to increase the number of hospitalizations, ICU visits, and deaths. Including, gene sequencing data related to the Corona Virus epidemic was sought. 

Along with this, officials of China’s National Health Commission and National Disease Control and Prevention Administration were also asked to regularly share data on vaccination. In this, special attention was given to people with weak health and people above 60 years of age. According to a WHO statement, the WHO appealed to China to strengthen viral sequencing, and clinical management and expressed its willingness to help in these areas. Earlier on Friday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, while expressing concern over the situation of the worsening Covid epidemic in China, confessed that there was no comprehensive information about China. 

Meanwhile, many countries have hurried to make it mandatory for travelers coming from China to have a negative RT-PCR test report as a precautionary measure. In view of the huge increase in coronavirus cases in China, France and Britain have also announced new rules to curb travelers coming from China. Many countries including India have already implemented the decision to have negative Covid test reports for passengers coming from many other Covid-affected countries including China.




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