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80% of people in China have become corona infected, and the top scientist made a new claim regarding the second wave

COVID-19 in China: Since the sudden abolition of the zero-covid policy in China, 80 percent of its population has been infected with the coronavirus. China’s top scientist made this claim on Saturday. Along with this, he also made a big claim about the new wave of Corona in the country. 

The corona epidemic is expected to spread further due to the large-scale travel of people during the Lunar New Year holidays in China. (AFP photo)

Beijing. About 80% of people in China have been infected with the coronavirus and there is little possibility of a new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic in the next two or three months. A prominent government scientist in China said this on Saturday.

Wu Xunyou, the chief epidemiologist at China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said on the Weibo social media platform that mass travel during the Lunar New Year holiday could trigger an epidemic, leading to infections in some areas. May increase, but there is no possibility of a new wave of Covid in the near future.

Actually, for the purpose of prevention of corona, many restrictions were in force in China. However, it was relaxed in the past, after which crores of people left for their home state to meet their relatives during the New Year holidays. Due to the travel of such a large number of people, the possibility of spreading the epidemic in rural areas has increased, where there are fewer arrangements to deal with it.

An official of the National Health Commission said on Thursday that China has crossed the peak of fever clinics, emergency rooms, and the number of Covid patients in critical condition.

Nearly 60,000 people with Covid have died in hospitals as of January 12, nearly a month after China abruptly ended its zero-Covid policy, according to government data.

Although some experts say that these figures probably underestimate the impact of this epidemic because they do not include those people who have died at home. One reason for this is also that many doctors say that they have been prevented from telling the cause of death of these people to Covid infection.



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