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Jail Shootout: Gunmen attack Mexico’s prison, 14 killed, 24 prisoners absconding 

Mexico Jailbreak News: A prison located in a border town in northern Mexico was attacked by some gunmen, killing 10 security personnel and 4 inmates. The assailants who came in armored vehicles started firing indiscriminately, which created a stampede situation in the jail. 

Gunmen attacked a prison in Mexico, in which a total of 14 people, including security personnel, were killed. (file photo)

Ciudad Varaz (Mexico). A major event took place on the first day of the year in the North American country of Mexico. Gunmen suddenly attacked one of the country’s most notorious prisons. Even before the security personnel posted in the jail could understand anything, the gunmen entered inside the jail while firing bullets. This created an atmosphere of chaos in the jail. It has been confirmed that 10 security personnel and 4 prisoners were killed in this attack. Taking advantage of the stampede in the jail, 24 prisoners also escaped. Earlier in October 2022, gunmen attacked southern Mexico and killed 18 people. The mayor of the city was also killed in this attack. 

According to media reports, attackers in armored vehicles attacked the prison located in Chavava, northern Mexico. This created a stampede situation on the spot. The gunmen started firing rapidly. In the statement released after the attack, it was told that 10 security personnel and 4 prisoners were killed in this incident. At the same time, 24 prisoners also escaped from the jail. The jailbreak incident was carried out in the morning according to the local time. After the gunmen’s attack, there was a clash between the prisoners, which made the situation even worse. Before the attack on the jail, some gunmen had also opened fire on the local police. The police had caught 4 criminals involved in the attack. Later, the attackers attacked the security personnel deployed outside the jail. 

Inmates clash in jail
After the attack on the jail, the prisoners clashed with each other. Due to this, there was an atmosphere of chaos. Officials said that 13 prisoners were injured in the clash between the prisoners. Notorious criminals associated with drug cartels are also lodged in this jail along with other prisoners. They say that 4 people have been arrested, but at the moment it is difficult to tell whether they are prisoners or attackers. On the other hand, the identity of the 24 prisoners who escaped from the jail has not been established yet.
Borders with texas
The prison that was attacked, located in the city of Ciudad Varaz, borders the US city of Texas. Officials say that at present they are probing the matter so that the motives of the attackers can be ascertained. In the city of Ciudad Varaz, there have been violent clashes for years between Sinaloa and Varaz drug mafia gangs and security personnel. Thousands of people have died in this. 




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