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One tweet looted Rs 64,000! Knowing the matter, you will think 10 times before going on Twitter. 

Due to a tweet made to IRCTC on Twitter, a woman in Mumbai got a loss of Rs 64000. The woman got a call because of this tweet and then the money started getting deducted from her bank account. 

The woman became a victim of online fraud after sharing ticket details on social media.

  • The woman was asked for Rs 2 by calling first.
  • Scammers asked him to fill in his details on the form.
  • After the incident, the number from which the call was received was switched off.

New Delhi. Many times through TV, newspapers, social media and other mediums, the government, its agencies, and many financial institutions keep instructing people to avoid cyber fraud. There is more awareness among people about this than before. However, still, many such cases keep coming up where common citizens have to become victims of online fraud. One such case has come to the fore from Mumbai, where a woman got a loss of 64 thousand rupees. Actually, the woman had tweeted to IRCTC to confirm her ticket and from here she came into the eyes of scammers.

After this tweet, the woman got a call asking to confirm her ticket. ₹ 2 was asked from the woman, which she transferred. But after this ₹ 64000 was stolen from the woman’s account. According to the news, a woman named MN Meena had booked a train ticket on 14 January. His ticket was RAC and to confirm, he tagged IRCTC and tweeted.

Asked to fill out the form
Usually, after such tweets on social media, you come into the eyes of scammers. If you have put any personal information on social media, then after that you should be a little cautious. This was the mistake in this case. Call Meena on the same number that she had put on Twitter while tweeting IRCTC. Police told that the woman had 3 tickets and all three were of RAC which she wanted to confirm. The scammers called and said that they would get the ticket confirmed. After that, the thugs sent him a link that had a form. He was told to fill out the form and send it and also transfer Rs. The woman did exactly the same.

Money deducted
After some time Meena’s mobile got 5 messages one after the other and she was shocked to see this. Had deducted ₹ 64011 from his account. When he asked for its details from the bank, the money was transferred to different accounts. He tried to call back on the same number from which he had received the call but that number was switched off. After this, the woman came to know that cyber fraud had happened to her and she lodged a complaint with the police.




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