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Doja Cat’s ‘Red Look’ in 30,000 Swarovski crystals; After watching the video, you will press your fingers under your teeth, it took 5 hours to prepare 

Doja Cat in Paris Fashion Week: American singer Doja Kate’s stylish avatar became the talk of the town. The rapper showed off a unique style at Paris Fashion Week. Swarovski crystals caught the attention of fashion. 

American singer Doja Kate’s style is attracting attention. (pc:twitter@PopBase)

Mumbai. On hearing the name ‘Paris Fashion Week’, some different outfits or faces of fashioned models must have appeared in your mind. This week is something like this, where such creativity is seen that people cannot even imagine. Something similar was seen recently at Paris Fashion Week 2023. In this, the red avatar of model Doja Cat attracted people to such an extent that it became difficult to take their eyes off it. She arrived at the event dressed with 30,000 Swarovski crystals and seeing her, everyone’s eyes were wide open.

This unique avatar of American Rapper Doja Kate is going viral on social media. Videos of Doja are being shared fast on social platforms. Paris Fashion Week often sees something innovative or the other. Everyone tries to come wearing something that becomes a topic of discussion. Doja was completely successful in doing this and at present only she is being discussed. 


Doja Kate. 30,000 Swarovski crystals were hand-applied all over his body. It took more than 5 hours to prepare her to look. For this, first Doja was painted in crimson color from head to toe. After this crystals were applied to his body. Before applying crystals, gold dust was applied to her body after painting so that she could shine during the event.



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