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Google Layoffs: Mother succumbs to cancer, son reaches office after the funeral, finds out job is no more 

A San Francisco-based IT professional who lost his job in Google’s retrenchment expressed his grief. In a LinkedIn post, he wrote that his mother had died in December after battling stage-four cancer, and shortly after returning to the office, he suffered another setback. 

Due to the decision to retrenchment Google, the employees who have been working in the company for years lost their jobs. 

  • The person who lost his job in retrenchment said- I was fired from Google last week.
  • Google’s parent company has fired about 12 thousand employees.
  • Among those who lost their jobs, there are many employees who were working for the company for years.

New Delhi. The world’s leading tech company Google fired 12 thousand employees in one stroke. Due to this retrenchment in Google’s parent company Alphabet, people who have been working for years also lost their jobs. In this atmosphere of retrenchment, the story of the pain of some employees is very disturbing. A software engineer fired from Google has said he returned to work after his mother’s death, but was fired days later.

The San Francisco-based IT professional wrote in a LinkedIn post that his mother died in December after battling stage-four cancer. So he went on leave and shortly after returning to office earlier this month, he suffered another setback.

Grief expressed on the social site
Through a post on LinkedIn on January 26, the person who lost his job in the retrenchment said, “I was fired from Google last week. I came to know about this on the fourth day of my bereavement leave. I am tired and disappointed.” He said the company’s decision “felt like a slap in the face when he was already upset.”

This employee said, “I’ve certainly heard worse stories, in which many Google employees lost their jobs because of the layoffs.” This IT Professional Said I Looked at My Challenging Times at Google. He said he joined the company in December 2021 and his mother was diagnosed with cancer the following February. 




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