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Google Maps was first used in this city, the app came in 2008, and today millions of people use it daily 

In December 2005, Portland became the first city in Oregon Transit to use Google Trip Planner. It was added to Google Maps. Today more than 5 million websites and apps use Google Maps daily. 

Google Maps

  • Google started Google Trips in 2005.
  • Portland’s Oregon Transit was the first to use Google Trip Planner.
  • In 2008, Google Maps launched the first Android app.

New Delhi. It would not be wrong to say that the 21st century is the century of modern and scientific miracles. In this century new inventions took place due to technology. From banking to traveling, today all our work has become very easy through technology. In this century, Google introduced the modern map (Google Maps) and took it to great heights. Let us tell you that Google started Google Trips in 2005. Today only a handful of people know which city Google had chosen for its first trip. If you do not know this, then today we are going to tell you who was first chosen by Google as its trip planner.

Let us tell you that Google Trips started its planner from Portland. In December 2005, the company made Portland the first city in Oregon to use Transit Google Trip Planner, which helped commuters view public transit schedules and routes. It started as a standalone product but was later integrated into Google Maps. Within a few years, this facility made its way into cities across the world.

Significantly, Google introduced Google Maps in 2005. At that time the company had said that it will slowly emerge as a beneficial and essential feature for humans and it is also true that today without any Google navigation, no app can reach its customers. Today everyone from OLA to Rapido uses Google Maps and can reach the customer walking on the route given by Google.

App launch of Google Maps in 2008
After working for many years, in November 2007, Google got Google Maps entered within mobile as well. After this, it became very easy for people to search the way. Google Map’s first Android app was launched in 2008, followed by the iOS app in 2012. Today, you can comfortably see the roads and routes of the whole world by zooming in on the small world of Google Maps.

Apart from the problem of traffic,
you will be surprised to know that today more than 5 million websites and apps use Google Maps every day. Apart from this, Google also did the work of getting rid of traffic. Nearly two years after launching Google Maps, Google Maps introduced real-time information on traffic states for more than 30 US cities. For this, Google chose three traffic colors in which, red color shows more jams, yellow color shows less traffic and green color shows traffic-free roads. This initiative greatly benefited the people of America, then later in today’s date every country has real-time Google Maps.





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