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China ran train without oil and electricity, speed 150 km per hour, what is the technology of this special train and when will it run in India? 

This train has been built in collaboration with the Chinese government company. It is also China’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train. It can run up to 373 miles i.e. 600 km at a time. 

Asia’s first fast hydrogen train has started in China. (Photo Credits: CRRC)

  • This train can run for 373 miles i.e. 600 km at a time.
  • This train is equipped with 5G technology and advanced self-driving system.
  • In India itself, such a hydrogen train can get on track very soon.

Hydrogen Train: China, the world’s largest rail manufacturer, has made a train that runs without oil and electricity. This train runs on hydrogen fuel battery. Its carbon emission is zero. The special thing is that it is the world’s first fastest hydrogen train. Its speed is 100 miles per hour i.e. 160 km per hour.

This train has been jointly developed by Chinese government company Monolith CRRC and Chengdu Rail Transit. It is also China’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train. It can run up to 373 miles i.e. 600 km at a time. The funny thing is that when it runs, water comes out instead of pollution. This train is equipped with 5G technology, automatic wake-up, start and self-driving system.

Germany’s train is also not far behind,
Germany is ahead in making this kind of hydrogen train. Around 14 Hydrogen Alstom trains are already running here since last year. China’s hydrogen train is ahead of German hydrogen trains in speed. Their speed is only 20 km per hour. However, in terms of range, German trains win. The train can run up to 1,000 km once the fuel is filled.

The most
interesting thing is that Japan and Korea are the two countries in the world, which are giving more emphasis on green hydrogen as a transportation solution. New figures show that the world’s largest number of hydrogen fuel stations are in China. According to media reports, there are only more than 1,000 hydrogen stations in the world and about one-third of them are in China.

When will the hydrogen train run
in India? After the launch of Asia’s first hydrogen train in China, such a train can soon hit the tracks in India itself. Recently Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav reiterated that Indian Railways will start indigenous hydrogen trains by December 2023. Even before this, the minister had confirmed the timeline several times. For the first time, he said that the hydrogen train will run on its narrow gauge routes by December. These trains will be made on the lines of China and Germany.




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