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Use Incognito Mode to search for some secret? Its history can also be checked 

Most people turn on Incognito Mode on the Google Chrome browser to search for some private things. But its history is also very easy to check on a laptop. In such a situation, the question arises whether it is completely safe or not? You can also delete it very easily through a trick. 

You can see the history of incognito mods through the command prompt, image-canvas

  • To see the history of the Incognito mod, open the command prompt on a Windows PC.
  • You can check the history after searching by typing ipconfig/displaydns in it.
  • It is very easy to delete it forever with a trick in the Google Chrome browser.

New Delhi: After searching anything on the Google Chrome browser, any information can be obtained by checking the history. For this reason, most people delete it forever after doing some important work. On the other hand, some people consider Incognito Mod to be very secure. Considering it safe, some people take the help of this mode to search for private things. But is it completely safe?

Actually, after using Incognito Mode, its history can be checked without any software. It is also very easy to delete it in time.

People make these mistakes while using Incognito Mode
Most people consider Incognito Mode to be very secure. Due to getting some advanced features in it, people also use it a lot. But forget to delete the history and bookmark data. Some people do not delete it assuming that it is very difficult to check in a simple way. Can’t check it by clicking on the history in the setting of Chrome browser. If you also use it, then definitely know about deleting it.

Check the history of Incognito Mode like this
1. To check the history deletion of Incognito Mode, first, click on the search bar on a Windows laptop and click on the command prompt.
2. Here you will see some options, out of which click on run as administrator.
3. After the command prompt opens completely, type ipconfig / displaydns in it.
4. After this, by pressing Enter, you can easily check the history of Incognito Mod with date and time.

How to delete Incognito history

1. To delete the history of Incognito Mod, first open the browser.
2. Take a screenshot by typing chrome://net-internals/#dns in it.
3. After this search chrome://net-internals/#dns.
4. Here you will see events, Proxy, DNS, and sockets. Click on the top of these DNS.
5. Now click on the host resolver cache and click on clear host cache and delete it.



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