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The girl reached 130 KM away from home, and started crying, then 2 youths reunited with their loved ones, this story of Kerala will make your heart happy 

Kerala News: Two youths from Kerala showed such honesty that now people are praising them fiercely. In fact, an 18-year-old girl from Palakkad reached 130 kilometers away from her home. Troubled, she started crying. Seeing his condition, two youths came forward to help and safely took him to his parents.

In Kerala, two youths took the minor girl back to their home. (representative picture)

  • Two youths set an example of honesty in Kerala
  • The girl who reached far away from home was brought to her parents
  • The police also praised the boys

Thiruvananthapuram.  An 18-year-old girl from the Palakkad district of Kerala came out of her house. Then reached Kochi by train about 130 km away. The girl got upset after coming away from her home. Seeing his condition, two boys came forward to help him. Then the youth took the girl safely to her parents. According to a report in Deccan Herald, the names of the youths are Vishnu and Sumin Krishnan. Now people are appreciating the honesty of both the youths. It is being told that both the youths work in a hotel in Palakkad.

Both had taken leave and had planned to visit a shopping mall. The youth were also traveling on the train going to Kochi. During this, he saw the girl crying and asked the reason. Then the girl told that she had a difference of opinion with her parents about something. Then he left the house. Although during this time his phone was ringing continuously, the girl was not picking it up.

The youths took the girl back home
After this, the youths explained to her and persuaded her to get down to Kochi station with them. Then he took the phone from the girl and informed her parents. During this, the parents of the girl had come to the local police station in Palakkad to lodge a missing report of their daughter. Then the Palakkad police officers advised the youths to take the girl to the nearby police station. After this, they took the girl to Kalamassery police station. Kalamseri police told that the parents of the girl reached the station at night and took the girl with them.

The police also praised the honesty of both the youths. When the officials came to know that the youths had taken leave to visit the mall, they contacted the hotel owner and asked them to give them one more day off. The police also made arrangements for both of them to stay in Kochi.



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