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Who is the new President of Brazil, Lula de Silva, and why is he important to the world? 

With the new year in Brazil, Lula Da Silva has started work as the new President of the country. Record for the third time the country’s President Lula has been a very popular President in Brazil and due to constitutional limitations, he could not become the President for the third consecutive time. Now they will try to get Brazil out of many challenging situations. On many issues, the eyes of the world will also be on him.

Lula da Silva is the only person to become the third President of Brazil. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

  • Lula de Silva 2010 has been the popular President of Brazil twice.
  • He has become the third President of the country since January 1, which is a record.
  • He has the challenge of solving the problem of Brazil’s economy and the Amazon forests. 

These days South America is going through a phase of political changes in the world. Governments of leftist ideology have come in many countries here. In a way, the whole of Latin America is seen to be overflowing with democratic leftism. On January 1, the name of Brazil, the largest country on the continent, has been added to this list. Now Luis Inacio Lula de Silva, better known as Lula, has become the President of Brazil for a record third time. Now it will be a matter to be seen how Lula’s becoming the President will affect the world, especially those Brazilian factors which affect the world.

Hard wins and tough times
Lula has to take over from Brazil’s former President Jair Bolsonaro, who has given the country many economic challenges, including failing to stop the process of ending the Amazon forests. Lula’s margin of victory was only two percent, a stark contrast to his performance in previous victories. Bolsonaro supporters refused to accept these results as well.

Working-class background
Lula or Luis Inácio Lula de Silva has been the President of Brazil twice from 2002 to 2010 and then his popularity was at its peak. Lula is from a working-class background and as such he has been the only President of Brazil. The roots of his political life are in the workers’ organizations and he has never received any formal education.

From shoe polish to president
Lula has also worked as a shoe-shine boy, street sweeper, and factory worker. In 1972 he entered full-time union politics and three years later he was elected president of the metal workers’ union. In 1982, he founded the Workers’ Party and then could not achieve success in the presidential elections of 1989, 1994, and 1998, but in 2002 he became the President of the country. 

Lula Da Silva has to face very challenging opposition this time in his own country. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

What will be the priorities?
Lula has got very challenging economic conditions. The country has already reached very bad times before Covid. Before that the country has seen two recessions. He has said that his priorities will be an investment in education and health. They will stop the illegal felling of trees going on in the Amazon forests. To defeat Bolsonaro, he had also taken the help of other parties, some of whose people he has also included in his cabinet.
Initial steps
As soon as he became president, Lula signed a gun control law, and after that, he also signed an order to give a guaranteed monthly allowance to poor families. Along with this, Norway Granted Fund was also approved for the sustainable development of Amazon. All this is an indication that what changes Lula wants to pay attention to in the coming times. 

Lula Da Silva will have to put a better picture of Brazil in front of the world. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Amazon – Natural World Heritage
Brazil is a very big country. The Amazon forest there is one of the most unique natural heritage in the whole world. Therefore, due to the issue of deforestation in the Amazon, Bolsonaro was seen to be abusing his popularity in the world. But Lula’s image is just the opposite. The world also has high hopes for him that he will do a lot to save Amazon and he has already taken steps in this direction.

But this time in Brazil, the situation is challenging for Lula. Due to the allegations of corruption, she is not holding on to her own party which she once had. It would be difficult to claim whether he came to power because of his opposition to Bolsonaro or because of his own popularity. This time his opponents are more active and strong. But on the global stage, the eyes of the world will definitely be on Lula and her steps with China and the BRICS group.



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