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Mahindra removed the lights before the XUV launch? Ford went 2 steps further, you will be shocked to know the reason 

Car Road Test: After all, why do companies run Camouflage Models of cars on the roads, this question is asked by everyone. In such a situation, let us know what it is after all and what is the benefit of this to the companies. 

The camouflaged model of cars is meant to hide their design. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Companies use camouflage to hide the design of the cars.
  • Camouflage is usually done in black and white speckled wrapping.
  • This is how the cars of the companies can be seen during the test ride.

New Delhi. Camouflage, it is very important to understand the meaning of this word first, it means to hide or camouflage an object. Although in this era of Google, the meaning of any word can be understood in a few seconds, when it comes to Camouflage Car, it is necessary to understand it completely. Many times in the news or on the road, you must have seen many such vehicles which are covered in black and white wrapping. Seeing which it cannot be understood that which company’s car is it. Seeing this, a question comes to everyone’s mind why such cars are driven on the road and which company’s car is it.

Actually, before launching any car, companies test it in every way. These tests are done from the factory to the mountain roads. It also includes road tests. In such a situation, now let us tell you why there is a need to camouflage the car in such a situation.

Why is the car covered?
Auto manufacturing companies cover it completely in the black and white wrap before launching the cars. The main reason behind this is that companies do not want to unveil their new vehicles before launch. Especially the companies do not want to tell the shape given on the curve ie panels of any new vehicle. The main reason for this is that the copyright of the shape and design of the cars is held only during the launch when the vehicle is unveiled in front of everyone. In such a situation, companies are afraid of being copied even after unveiling the design of the car. 
How-to camouflage
Camouflage is usually done in black and white speckled wrapping. But Mahindra even removed the lights of the camouflaged car during the launch of the XUV 700. Mahindra did not want anyone to copy the design and technology of its lights. At the same time, Ford had used such camouflage paper on its vehicles that even its image could not come true. Because it was a 3D design and the camera lens could not focus while taking its photo. 
Why are such cars more visible in India only?
The reason behind more camouflage cars being seen on the roads in India is that the driving conditions here are quite different as compared to other countries. It is very important for companies to know how the car is performing in road conditions and traffic conditions. That’s why camouflage models are more visible on the roads. 
What is its advantage?
Companies also have a big advantage behind this. These news headlines are made as soon as camouflage models are seen on the streets. In such a situation, companies get free publicity for their upcoming car. The car becomes quite popular among the people even before its launch. 



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