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The policewoman started making adult films, then the force pulled her out, she said – she is earning money, marriage offers too… 

Melissa Williams, once an American police officer, was fired from the force. Actually, while on the job, he was found guilty of working in the adult industry. Melissa is known as Lieutenant Bella Lexie in the adult industry. 

The stage name of Melissa Williams is Lieutenant Bella Lexie. (Photo- Instagram/the.real. Bella. Lexi.2

The craze of making and selling your own unusual pictures and videos on adult websites abroad is increasing rapidly. This includes girls from 18 years old to elderly women. Everyone wants to put their personal life in front of the world just in the desire to make money. They have no qualms about doing so. Today we are going to tell you about one such case, in which a policewoman put a good job at stake and started sharing her pictures on an adult site. The matter is of Colorado, USA.

46-year-old Melissa Williams, working in the US police, started sharing her unusual photos and videos on the adult site while doing her job. Many times she was also seen in a police uniform. But as soon as the top officials came to know about this, he was immediately removed from the force. He was considered unsafe for police work (NSPW: Not safe-for-police-work). However, Melissa has no regrets about being fired from the force. She laughs and says, ‘I love what I am doing. I don’t regret it at all. It has been almost a year since I left the police job, but now I have a lot of time for my life.

Melissa further says that now I earn 22 lakh rupees every month. While being in the police, this salary would have been of 3 lakh months. Not only this, but many of my fans also propose marriage. According to the foreign site, Melissa earns this much for saucy snaps on the adult site. He is one of the Most Popular Creators. Apart from the adult site, he is present on social media under the name Lieutenant Bella Lexi. Melissa said, ‘I love interacting with my fans and they all love me very much. Every week I am proposed for marriage by about 10 people.

But they are married, and the husband also
supports Lt. Bella Lexie alias Melissa, even though her fans may propose to her for marriage, but she is already married. He also has two children. She not only uploads her photos and videos but also uploads romance videos and photos with her husband. However, she never publicly showed her husband’s photos. He says that in a police job, one had to do duty for 60 hours every week, but here I work of my own free will. I am enjoying it a lot.

According to NYPost, Bella Lexie aka Melissa was involved in the adult industry for about 18 months while on the job. Meanwhile, one of his seniors came to know about these things. He complained about this by sending an email. Later whispers started among his colleagues too. Many people also log in to his page. Melissa says that when the friends came to know about this, she felt very bad and got angry. They all accessed my account to gather evidence against me. Actually, my colleagues wanted to see me naked. After leaving the job, there was some hesitation to start this work permanently, but later everything went well. According to Melissa, I felt more respected in this work than in the police job. 




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