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Why is there an attempt to end Pakistan’s status as a major non-NATO partner? 

A US MP has introduced such a bill in his Parliament that if passed, Pakistan will be removed from the list of Major Non-NATO Ally of America. The bill also mentions the reasons for which this step should be taken and urges that the President should impose conditions for the re-inclusion of Pakistan in this list. 

Pakistan has been included in the list of major non-NATO members of the US since 1987. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

  • The status of a major non-NATO member in the US was created in 1987.
  • Pakistan remains entitled to buy many of its American weapons and take loans.
  • Pakistan has demanded to give this status only after showing activism against the Haqqani network. 

There is no doubt that America (USA) is the single largest military and economic superpower in the world at this time. In this context, the relationship of any country in the world with America also becomes important. By the way, America has a different kinds of bilateral relations with every country in the world. But in the eyes of America, how important it is in comparison to other countries, it also matters a lot. That’s why there are many types of organizations like NATO and America also keep countries at different levels and ranks. Recently, a US lawmaker introduced a bill in the US Parliament to end Pakistan’s status as a major non-NATO member.

What is in the bill
Andy Biggs, MP from Arizona of the US Congress has introduced this bill in the lower house of America. This bill, named HR 80, has demanded that America’s status as a major non-NATO partner be abolished. To be given such a position, it has to be certified by the President with certain conditions.

How to Certificate
The bill asks the US President to issue a certificate that the country has made progress in detaining and prosecuting senior leaders and middle-level operatives of the Haqqani Network. And the Haqqani Network has demonstrated its commitment to taking steps to stop it from using Pakistan’s territories as safe havens.

with Afghanistan?
The bill also requires the US President to certify that Pakistan is actively cooperating with Afghanistan to prevent the activities of terrorist organizations such as the Haqqani network on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The status of a major non-NATO partner was first established in 1987, indicating a very close relationship with the US.

A bill has been introduced in the US Congress that proposes to end Pakistan’s status as a major non-NATO member. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

What does Pakistan gain from this
As a major non-NATO partner, Pakistan can receive supplies of a variety of US defense weapons. In addition, it is also eligible to take loans for various types of materials, supplies, or equipment for development, testing, evaluation, collaborative research, and other purposes.
And what is the benefit
of this status, America’s ally country gets military and economic priorities, but it does not give any kind of security commitment from America. Yes, this gives America and its allies bilateral and multilateral cooperation at many levels. And in many sensitive cases also he gets an exemption from America.

Experts say that there is little hope that this bill against Pakistan will be able to become law. (Representational photo: Pixabay)

Which countries are on this list
According to the US Home Department, at present, 18 countries are included in the list of major non-NATO partners. Afghanistan has been removed from this only last year. This includes Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, South Korea, Thailand, and Tunisia.
The thing to see for India is that Pakistan is included in this prominent list of America even after Pakistan has become a stronghold supporting terrorists. The reason for this is the geostrategic and geopolitical position of Pakistan which makes it very special in South Asia. America can stay with China, Russia, and India only through Pakistan, which is why both China and America cannot see Kashmir as a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. America does not want to stay away from Pakistan.




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