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Nikola Tesla Death Anniversary: What did Nikola Tesla give to the world of science? 

The most prominent invention of Nikola Tesla was Alternating Current or Alternating Current, due to which the world is being given electricity in every corner today. His inventions in Electricity have always been like game changers. Yes, it took time for the world to accept their Alternating Current. But most of his inventions remained ahead of his time. 

Nikola Tesla’s inventions revolutionized the world of electricity. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

  • Nikola Tesla is known for his contribution to the field of electricity.
  • His thoughts were way ahead of his time.
  • The world has seen many of his beliefs coming true after decades.

Nikola Tesla is named among the great scientists in the world. More than his achievements and inventions (Inventions of Nikola Tesla), the ups and downs of his life and controversies with other scientists, legal battles over patents, ideas ahead of his time, and mistrust of investors, etc. were more discussed. It has always been said about him that he used to think ahead of time, and many of his ideas were seen being implemented by the world decades later. The credit for some of his inventions was given to another scientist or adopted by someone else. Even after this, his scientific achievements proved to be huge and far-reaching. January 7 is his death anniversary (Nikola Tesla Death Anniversary).

Tesla was very intelligent from the beginning
Born on July 10, 1856, Nikola Tesla was very intelligent since childhood. He could memorize all the books perfectly. His observation used to be very good. He used to understand languages very quickly and easily. Sleeping only for a few hours, he used to work continuously. He had a special interest in the questions of electricity and he used to get peace only after solving them.

Greatest discovery alternating current
When Tesla came to New York in 1884, he had only 60 cents in his pocket. Here he met Edison. He told Edison about his work which was based on Alternating Current or AC. At the same time, many power plants based on Edison’s direct current (DC) or DC had been installed. Edison wanted Tesla to work on DC while Tesla had more faith in AC. Tesla improved Edison’s equipment, but Edison did not give him credit for it. But later the world had to accept the importance of alternating current.

Tesla’s coil
His Tesca coil is remembered as Tesla’s greatest work. Tesla built a tower in New York on top of which he placed his coil, from which electricity ran through alternating current in the coil from a spark in the air. Using this coil, he also made a big transmitter called Magnifying Transmitter. Through this, he had transmitted electricity up to a kilometer away without a star. Tesla coil is given a lot of importance, not from a practical point of view but from an experimental point of view.

Others took credit for some of Nikola Tesla’s inventions. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Tesla turbine
Tesla is also known for developing a special turbine. He developed a piston engine that rotated the discs. Turbines of that time were less efficient and relied on blades. Tesla made a centrifugal pump by adding several discs to his invention. His turbine was found to be more efficient.
Invention of shadowgraph
Shadowgraph is actually another name for X-Ray. In this, the radiation passes through the body and cannot cross only the bones, due to which a special mark is left on the film at the place where the radiation does not fall. X-rays were originally discovered by Röntgen, but Tesla improved the process.

Nikola Tesla’s electrical inventions changed the whole world. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Radio signs and neon bulbs
Many scientists believe that Tesla’s greatest achievement was his discovery of the ability to transmit radio signals. But before Tesla could get a patent on his discovery, Marconi took credit for this discovery, for which a long legal battle also took place. Apart from this, the neon bulb was also a sophisticated invention of Tesla, for this bulb he had developed a special type of coil.

Tesla’s use of hydroelectric power generators at Niagara Falls became very famous. His generator got a lot of fame. This generator produces alternating current and even today many power plants of the world work on the same lines, due to which lakhs of crores of people get electricity. Apart from this, he also made an induction motor, a boat controlled by radio signals. 




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