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Will Rishabh Pant be fit before the World Cup? Updates regarding health raised hopes 

Rishabh Pant Health update: After being badly injured in a road accident, Rishabh Pant has undergone successful ligament surgery in a hospital in Mumbai. Now this information has come out in the media report that if he did not need further surgery. So at the beginning of next month, he can be discharged from the hospital. After this, a complete plan for rehab will be made. 

A big update has come regarding Rishabh Pant’s health. (Rishabh Pant Instagram)

  • There is a big update regarding Rishabh Pant’s health.
  • When can Pant be discharged from the hospital? information revealed

New Delhi. Amidst the continuous heartbreaking news about Rishabh Pant, there is a ray of hope regarding his early return to the field. After getting injured in a road accident, he has undergone knee ligament surgery in a hospital in Mumbai. Since then he is under the supervision of doctors. Now the news is that he can be discharged from the hospital soon.

According to the Times of India report, Pant has had two successful surgeries on his right knee ligament. The doctor who performed his surgery is hopeful that the rest of Pant’s ligament injury will heal on its own. Not only this but it has also been told in this report that Pant can also be discharged from the hospital soon.

Pant can be discharged from the hospital in 2 weeks
This English newspaper has written quoting sources that Pant can be discharged from the hospital after 2 weeks. After this, his rehab plan will be prepared. If all goes well, he can start his rehab in two months. If this happens, then his comeback on the field will be quick, and probably before the ODI World Cup to be held in October-November, he will recover and get fit enough to play competitive cricket. However, it will all depend on his rehab.

Ligament injury will take 6 months to
heal, according to sources, ‘ligament injury takes at least 6 weeks to heal. After this rehab and strength training will start. Then after two months it will be tested and tested whether he can play now or not. Pant also knows that it takes time to come back after such an injury. During this, his counseling will also be done. It may take him at least 4 to 6 months to play cricket. However, the good thing is that he may not need more surgery. In such a situation, the path of his comeback can be a little easier.

Please tell that on December 30, when Rishabh Pant was going from Delhi to Roorkee to meet his mother, his car met with an accident on the way. His life was saved. But it hurt a lot. His initial treatment was done in Dehradun. After this, he was airlifted to Mumbai for better treatment and ligament surgery. He has had two ligament surgeries. Now it has to be seen how long he regains his fitness and is ready to make a comeback on the field.




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