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India said on the Ukraine crisis – we helped in normalizing the situation near Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant and food agreement 

S Jaishankar Austria Visit: Foreign Minister S Jaishankar is on a tour of Austria these days. During this, he is also talking to the media there. Talking to the media on Tuesday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar (S Jaishankar) responded with impunity on many issues. He answered from India’s role in Russia Ukraine War to European issues.

S jaishankar Austria Visit: These days Foreign Minister S Jaishankar is on a tour of Austria. (Image: ANI)

  • External Affairs Minister Jaishankar is on an Austria tour
  • Russia responded to the Ukraine war
  • Raised Africa’s fertilizer issue 

New Delhi: Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar (S Jaishankar) said on Wednesday that India tried to normalize the situation around Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant and helped in the food grain agreement between Moscow and Kyiv. The Foreign Minister rejected the allegations that India is taking advantage of the war by buying cheap oil from Russia.

Jaishankar termed the decision of western countries to cap the prices of Russian crude oil, which was taken without consultation with India. He said that India cannot automatically accept those things which others decide. In an interview with Austria’s Die Press, Jaishankar indicated readiness to contribute to the normalization of the situation in response to a question about the Ukraine crisis.

The Foreign Minister said, ‘If we can help, we are ready for it. And we have helped in the past as well… for example with the food grains agreement. We tried to normalize the situation around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant.” Asked whether Turkey has already taken credit for playing a key role in the mediation, Jaishankar said, “No, but the question is not that the credit for mediation Who gets it and who gets headlines.

When asked questions related to India’s purchase of energy from Russia at a cheaper rate, he said that he rejects politically as well as mathematically that India is taking advantage of the war. He said that oil prices have doubled due to the Russia-Ukraine war and the sanctions on Iran and the developments in Venezuela also affect the oil market. 



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