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Why is Russia considering India and China ahead of America and Europe? 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that today the world is moving towards a multi-polar system. Arguing in favor of this, Lavrov said that India and China have gone far ahead of America (USA) and Europe in terms of financial and political influence and this is the result of this process of the multi-polar system. 

Russia says that India and China are proof of the process of becoming a multi-polar world. (Representational photo: Pixabay)

  • Russia’s foreign minister considers India and China better than America and Europe in many respects.
  • They say that this is a sign of the development of a multi-polar system in the world.
  • He also says that America and Europe are trying to stop it together.

Is the world moving towards a multi-polar world order or is the world still a uni-polar one? The bipolar world came to an end after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, followed by the US. (USA) had also established itself as the most powerful political and economic power. But today the situation has changed a lot and citing these, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that India and China going ahead of America and Europe in the process of moving towards a multi-polar system of the world. Shows.

It is very important to understand the context in which Lavrov
made this statement. Lavrov said in a joint address in Eritrea that the establishment of a multipolar world is a purposeful and unstoppable process and that now the US-controlled West, including NATO and the European Union, is trying to reverse the process.

This statement of Lavrov is being seen as a victim card,
in which he is trying to underline the limited global influence of America and Europe. With this statement, they also want to show that NATO and the European Union are adopting an expansionist policy. With this statement, Lavrov is trying to make Russia a victim of this policy of NATO and the European Union.

Efforts will not succeed
but Lavrov says that efforts to reverse the process of a multi-polar system will not be successful. All they can do is slow the process down a bit. He said that India and China are far ahead of the US and members of the European Union. Along with economic power, it is also visible in the form of financial and political influence.

Sergei Lavrov says that the West cannot stop the creation of a multipolar world. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Russia and the West
Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia has been single-handedly battling NATO and the EU countries under the leadership of the US. However, these countries representing the West are directly trying to avoid becoming a part of this war. But it is not hidden that in reality, the dispute is only between Russia and NATO whose arena has become Ukraine.
Is the West the target
In such a situation it may seem clear that Lavrov is targeting the West. But is there really no substance in Lavrov’s statement? So it is not like that either. In fact, there is a lot of power in Lavrov’s argument, but the timing of the statement reveals his intention. They are criticizing only the expansionist policy of the West.

This statement by Sergei Lavrov has been given in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Many new centers are emerging.
He also said in his statement that any visit to the West for advice as a mentor or through hybrid warfare (Ukraine is an example) will lead the West to new economic centers and financial and political influence. Can’t stop it from emerging. Countries like China and India are already ahead of the US and members of the European Union in many ways.

The Russo-Ukrainian war is one such war, and perhaps the first after the Cold War, in which America has openly intervened, but is not able to openly participate in it. For the last year, both America and Russia are trying to present their side better in front of the world and are trying to hold the opposing side responsible for the war. This is one of the many reasons it is different from the previous wars.




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